13 Best Energy Drinks to Keep You Going

May 6, 2022

Sometimes — no matter how much we want to hustle — our energy levels simply won’t let us.

Multiple cups of coffee don’t seem to do it, and neither does taking a quick nap. And yet, those daily tasks are waiting, so you have to pull through for at least a few hours. 

We have a solution to all your problems. Here are the best energy drinks — many of them sugar-free! — that you can buy online to keep that internal battery running.

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How do energy drinks work?

Energy drinks are made from a formula of concentrated caffeine designed to give you short bursts of focus. 

By giving your body a significant dose of immediate energy in the form of concentrated caffeine, it inhibits adenosine receptors, which are essential for telling your brain, “I need to sleep.” This blockage of your receptors makes you feel like you don’t have to rest and keeps you going.

How long do energy drinks last?

The ideal time to consume an energy drink is 30 to 60 minutes before you need that boost — the same length of time it takes for an energy drink to work its way into your system to have the highest impact.

Afterward, you should have 5-6 hours of additional energy.

Beware that energy drinks can interfere with your sleep schedule, so avoid drinking them late in the day (like any other caffeinated beverage).

How much caffeine is in energy drinks?

It depends on the brand, so always check the label before purchasing. Remember that most adults shouldn’t exceed 400mg of caffeine per day. For reference, the average 8oz cup of coffee has 70-140mg of caffeine.

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