16 Goddess Box Braid Hairstyle Ideas to Rock a New Look

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Ever feel the urge to do something different with your hair? Or perhaps with the changing seasons, you’d like to protect your locks from the weather? Box braids are the ultimate solution to both, and with them comes limitless hairstyles that can suit almost everyone. 

In this article, we’ll highlight what box braids are, take you through some ways to style your braids, answer how long they last, and share maintenance tips, too. 

What are box braids?

Box braids get their name from the box shape they create on your scalp when sectioning off the hair into many small, medium, or chunky braids. It’s a popular form of protective hairstyle worn by those with textured hair to keep their locks hydrated in the cold weather and help with humidity in the warmer weather. While the braids include natural hair, this look is versatile and often involves extensions. In addition to width, box braids also vary in color and length.

16 box braid hairstyle ideas to rock a new look

Wrap-around bun

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The wrap-around will give you a bun with full volume and a look that you can wear casually or dress up for a night on the town. Either way, you’ll  be serving royal vibes with this luxurious hairdo. 

Side part

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Are you tired of wearing your hair up? Try out a side part and let your gorgeous hair flow to one side while showing off your beautiful face on the other. This look works exceptionally well with medium and long box braids.

Braided bun

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Gather your hair into a top bun for an effortless yet chic look. All you need is a solid elastic and some bobby pins to ensure your hair stays in place. It’s dressy enough to wear at work and perfect for a glamorous evening out on the town.

Warm Shoulder

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For an instant, carefree look, toss your long hair over one shoulder. After all, box braids are supposed to be about simplicity.

Half-up, half-down

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Whether it’s a long day at the office or a trip with friends, you can keep your hair out of your face all day long by pinning your bangs back in a ponytail, braid, or bun. This everyday look is quick and straightforward and makes for a no-fuss do.

A hint of color

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Add subtle color accents to your hair to give your locks some character and brighten things up without standing out too much. You needn’t worry about dying your hair for this style, as your stylist will add color using yarn.

Small box braids

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Lightweight box braids are more versatile in how you can style them. You can wear them up or down for a polished look that’s quick and easy. They’re the ideal braid size for those who are short on time.

All the way back

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Whether you’re hitting the books, rushing to the office, or working out at the gym, for a no-fuss hairdo, pulling your hair back into a ponytail will keep it out of your face and safely tucked out of your way.

High half-ponytail

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If you’re not feeling a bun, a high pony up on top will have your hair out of your face while the rest of your locks can relax below. This style is excellent for an everyday look, and you can wear it casually or dress it up.

Braided beehive

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Are you attending a wedding or gala soon? This braided updo gives off old Hollywood vibes and is the perfect solution to any special event. 

High Half-up bun

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This hairstyle is the perfect combination of top knot and relaxed. This simple everyday look can be worn casually and is a fantastic choice for the office.

Jumbo box braids

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These extra-thick box braids stand out, especially when you pair them with an overall color. They also take less time to install than smaller braids. Since larger braids also last less, they’re an excellent solution when you need a protective style for a temporary event.

Twists in the front

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If you want to wear your hair long, but you’d prefer your bangs out of your face, add some twists to the front to keep them out of the way. This casual look is excellent for a day out with friends or even a walk in the park.

Braids with a scarf

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You can change up this versatile look with your scarf or the way you wear it every day. Wrap it around your head like a turban, or wear it like a headband. Play with scarves that have prints, solid colors, and different fabrics for a variety of possibilities.

Loose bun

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For a more casual bun, leave some braids out. It gives your hair a more playful and effortless look that still does the trick of keeping them tucked back. 

Topped with a hat

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If your braids are starting to look a bit frayed at the roots, putting on your favorite hat is a simple solution. But you need no excuse to throw one over top of your locks. Even sleek and perfect braids pair well with a cap.

How long do box braids last?

Box braids last a maximum of 10 weeks, with some maintenance at six weeks. Without any touch-ups, eight weeks is the maximum amount of time you can keep your braids in. While it may be tempting to go longer since it’s a protective style, you actually risk breakage and matting.

Tips to make your box braids last longer 

The first step to making your box braids last longer is to go with a stylist who knows them well and will leave you with tight braids that are comfortable on your scalp. 

To help your braids last longer, spritz them with moisturizing oil three to five times a week. When styling your hair, make sure you’re gentle with your locks to help prevent flyaways and roughing them up. 

If you get too many flyaways, you can freshen up your hair with some water-based mousse. You can also trim them, but only if you know that they’re part of an extension and not your natural hair. You can also wrap up your hair at night, preferably in a satin or silk scarf, to keep it from rubbing on your pillow, which could cause it to fray. 

Remember, you’ll ideally want to revisit your hairdresser to touch up your braids after approximately six weeks or whenever they start to look worn.

What are goddess braids?

Goddess braids are essentially a thicker take on cornrow braids that sit higher on your head. Since they’re larger, they take a little less time to put in than regular box braids or cornrows.

A whole new do

Box braids can give you a new style that suits your personality, protects your hair, and can last months. Why not turn your hair day into a spa day with this spa gift set or give yourself a spa day with these self-care ideas? If your friend knows how to do box braids, you can treat them too.

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