7 Care Package Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Check out this list of thoughtful care package ideas to brighten your loved one’s day and stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Ask just about anyone and they’ll tell you that they would be thrilled to receive a care package full of treats, games or other thoughtful items. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has kept many people from seeing family members and loved ones. Eventually people may start to feel lonely and isolated. Sending a special gift to let someone know you’re thinking of them is a great way to stay connected and brighten their day.

But what do you send? Is it OK to send food? Here are a few best-selling care package ideas to get you started, but feel free to come up with some DIY gift ideas to make it more personal.

College Care Package Ideas

Going away to college is a roller coaster of emotions, combining homesickness and the joy of newfound independence. Sending a survival kit care package of goodies to the college student in your life will remind them of the comforts of home and that you’re thinking of them. Check out some popular items to include:

Practical stuff

Fun stuff

That should hold ‘em over for a week or so.

Military Care Package Ideas

Many bases have grocery stores and restaurants, but being deployed away from family can be tough. Send the military personnel in your life a thoughtful care package to let them know you miss them and help them feel connected to home again.

Check weight and size restrictions for shipping parcels overseas, and send only non-perishable items. Include a list of contents inside of the package in case it arrives opened. Include as few items as possible since personal and storage space is limited for soldiers. Ideally, packing materials would be reusable. Avoid messy materials like packing peanuts or shredded cardboard.

Here are some items to consider sending:

Often it’s the things you know they personally like that really let them know they’re missed and appreciated.

Significant Other Care Package Ideas

Whether you’ve been social distancing together or maintaining your relationship long distance, there’s never a bad day to send your significant other a gift box with all of their favorite things. It can be for an anniversary, birthday, special event or occasion or for no reason other than to make them feel special. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create a playlist of songs from special times together
  • Jewelry
  • Plan a getaway, staycation or special at-home date night and fill the care package with clues
  • Bath bombs, face mask, massage oil, candles, cozy robes and other items for a great spa day
  • Chocolate (honestly, you could probably fill an entire care package with varieties of chocolate and win the day; just make sure you’re not shipping it during hot weather)

Maybe that special person in your life really digs a specific pastime or hobby. Build a care package around that interest. Here are a few more ideas for themed care packages:

Snack Grab Bag Care Package Ideas

What kind of snacks do they like? Build the care package with that theme. Here are a few ideas:

Coffee Lover’s Care Package Ideas

Put together a sampler pack with:

  • A variety of high-quality coffees to try: different roasts, origins, flavors, syrups and creamers
  • A mug for home and a travel mug
  • Gift cards to different coffee shops, or the favorite shop of a committed fan

Boredom Buster Care Package Ideas

The long days, weeks and months of staying at home and social distancing have revived interest in all kinds of games. Fill this with fun ways to pass the time solo or with a small group of friends and family.

Spa Day Care Package Ideas

Send a self-care spa day in a neat little package full of skin care products.

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