15 Last Minute & DIY Halloween Costumes

Did you wait till the last minute to find a Halloween costume? Gopuff has you covered

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Waiting ‘til the last minute to find a Halloween costume is very on-brand for 2020, as plans often change daily. But now the time has come to make some decisions. We rounded up a few last-minute Halloween costumes that Gopuff can deliver to you within minutes and a few DIY Halloween costumes that you can put together using the stuff you already have. Just don’t forget your face mask before trick-or-treating or handing out candy

1 . Inflatable T. Rex

Brown inflatable T. Rex costume
Source: Gopuff

If the sound of children laughing fills you with joy instead of terror, the inflatable T. rex is for you. You’re practically guaranteed to make people laugh in this getup, especially if you try to run in the costume or pick anything up with your stubby li’l arms. It’s also the easiest of easy costumes because you can order it on Gopuff and get it delivered in minutes. 

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2. Creepy Doll

Attention beauty lovers looking for easy, last-minute Halloween costumes: may we present the creepy doll. This head-turning look is actually pretty simple to create with strategically placed black and white eyeliner, a brown-gray eyeshadow for contour, pink blush, red lipstick, and the biggest fake lashes you can find. 

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3. Spooky animated T-shirt

Zombie Morph Suit T-shirt with digital pulsating heart
Source: Morph Suits

Ready to wow your friends? Use the mobile app Digital Dudz (iOS & Android) to download a spooky animation on your phone—such as a pulsating heart or a moving eyeball—then place your phone in a T-shirt with a hole cut out of it. FYI: We recommend duct taping your phone to the inside of your shirt.

Use a red marker to draw some blood and gore around the area if you’re feeling artistic. This is one of the best DIY Halloween costumes because it’s simple yet makes a big impression. 

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4. Sexy Sheet Ghost

Sexy cop? It’s been done to death. But you know what hasn’t? Sexy sheet ghost. Cut some eye holes in an old sheet, throw on a pair of fishnets, and step into your sassiest heels. We promise you’ll have your friends giggling. Plus, the sheet provides an additional layer of protective face covering.

5. Evil Clown Mask

Man in Gopuff tee wearing scary clown mask
Source: Gopuff

Putting on a terrifying mask may feel like cheating when it comes to last-minute Halloween costumes, but it’s an effective way to get scary in a flash. Just make sure you save this one for your quarantine pod as it would be hard to wear with a face mask.

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6. Cardboard Box Robot

This is one of those easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids or adults that you can make using everyday household items: cardboard boxes, silver duct tape, glue and markers. For even less effort, dress in all gray and just focus on making the cardboard torso and head. 

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7. Harry Potter 

The boy wizard is one of the simplest last-minute Halloween costumes to put together. All you really need is dark eyeglasses, a maroon-and-gold striped scarf and a fake lightning bolt scar on your forehead, and you’ll be instantly recognizable. 

8. Modern-Day Witch 

Between the blackened fingers and the subtle face tattoos, there’s something so unsettling about this modern witch costume, despite how simple it is to execute. We especially love how the fingers conjure up the image of someone practicing black magic. 

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9. Blood-Drinking Fiend

Like a few of the other homemade costume ideas on this list, this costume comes together in no more than 30 minutes. You don’t even have to have makeup skills to execute this creepy look. In fact, the more lipstick you get on your teeth, the better. 

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10. Pink Lady

Woman in Gopuff tee wearing pink bob wig
Source: Gopuff

A pink bob wig goes a long way when it comes to creating a DIY Pink Lady Halloween costume. Complete your look with either a pink bomber jacket or an oversized black leather jacket. Use masking tape to spell out “Pink Ladies” on the back of the pink jacket or “T-Birds” on the back of the black jacket. 

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11. WFH Zoom Call 

Want a DIY Halloween costume that everyone can relate to? Pair a business casual shirt with a pair of boxers or PJ bottoms and go as a Zoom call participant. Carry around your laptop or two small box tops wrapped in duct tape. Bonus points if you shriek “Oh no, my video was ON?!” every so often. There’s nothing more terrifying in these times. 

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12. Inflatable Sumo Wrestler

Man in inflatable sumo wrestler costume
Source: Gopuff

Isn’t it nice to have a last-minute costume that requires zero effort on your part? That’s why we love this classic inflatable sumo wrestler—not to mention the excuse it gives us to belly bump loved ones. 

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13. Spa-Goer 

Are you in a Halloween costume or are you wandering around outside in your bathrobe? Who’s to say? The important thing is that you’re comfy and well-moisturized. 

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14. Joe Exotic …

Netflix gave us the gift of a lifetime earlier this year in the form of Tiger King and its over-the-top titular character, Joe Exotic. Raid your closet for the flashiest duds you own, and combine them with a blonde 80s mullet wig, dark mustache and your choice of cowboy hat or trucker hat. You can also order Joe Exotic face masks on Etsy if you plan ahead.

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15. … And Carole Baskin

Here’s another last-minute Tiger King costume for all the cool cats and kittens out there. DIY Carole Baskin doesn’t need much more than a flower crown, a flowy top, some animal print and a stuffed tiger to carry around. We especially love her cheetah print mask for Halloween 2020.

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