20 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

Celebrate Grandma this Mother’s Day with thoughtful presents

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Let’s be honest, grandparents and older loved ones can be simply the best. Each grandmother gives something different, from homemade cookies to illicit $10 bills to a love of heavy metal. Whether your grandparents participated in your upbringing or sent their love from afar, they deserve a special holiday. Unfortunately, Grandmother’s Day doesn’t exist (yet), but luckily, we’ve got Mother’s Day to show our loved ones some appreciation. So, don’t forget to get your older caretakers something special for Mother’s Day 2021.

We’ve compiled a Mother’s Day gift guide, too, just in case you’re looking for more ideas!

Sentimental Gifts for Grandma

Bouquet of Flowers

Bouquet of purple, pink, green and white flowers
Source: Gopuff

Price: $24.99+

Flowers are a classic Mother’s Day gift that you can never go wrong with. Pick up a bouquet to bring yourself, or schedule to have them delivered right to the door to ensure social distancing.

First-Time Grandma Mug

Source: Etsy

Price: $13.99+

An adorable personalized and handmade coffee mug is a great gift for new grandparents that won’t break the bank. 

Grandchildren Print

Framed print of a grandmother with her two grandkids
Source: Etsy

Price: $14.37+

This special, personalized print is the perfect way to show your loved one just how much you value your special relationship. It’s simple but beautiful, and something they’ll surely love looking at every day.

Grandmother’s Journal: Memories and Keepsakes

Grandmother’s journal book
Source: Amazon

Price: $16.09+

With this special keepsake memory book, you can partner with your loved ones to capture and preserve all of your special moments. Plus, it’ll be fun to walk down memory lane.

Customized Photo Coasters

Four customized photo coasters on top of a wooden table with a cup of coffee
Source: Etsy

Price: $21.99+

Photo albums typically only come out when we’re feeling nostalgic. These coasters will always be out, and will allow your loved one to relive their favorite memories with each sip. You can customize each coaster with any favorite photos. 

Grandma Brag Board

Gray wooden grandma brag board on top of a green wreath
Source: Etsy

Price: $28.99+

Many grandparents love to brag about their families. Now, you can make it even easier by giving yours their own customizable “brag board.” The board has several clips where they can hang their favorite family photos, letters from loved ones or drawings from little ones. 

Personalized Birthstone Charm Necklace for Grandmothers

Box with a birthstone necklace and poem
Source: Etsy

Price: $31.20+

With this beautiful birthstone necklace, grandparents can show off their stylish side and their loved ones in one fell swoop. As the family grows, you can add additional charms to their necklace.

Mason Digital Picture Frame

White digital picture frame with picture of mother and son in it
Source: Nordstrom

Price: $199.99+

Not only is this frame super easy to set up, but since it’s Wi-Fi-enabled, a milestone will never be missed. How, you may ask? As soon as you email your photos to the frame, they show up in seconds and send an alert that there are new pictures to view.

Cozy Gifts For Grandma

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Lavender heat pillow with a bouquet of lavender next to it
Source: Uncommon Goods

Price: $35.00+

This beautiful lavender heat pillow will help soothe any minor aches and pains. For ultimate relaxation, the cotton pillow simply needs to be placed in the microwave for 90 seconds and placed on the neck, back, stomach or any other trouble spots. 

Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers

Pair of fuzzy white slippers
Source: Uncommon Goods

Price: $48.00+

These cozy slippers will help your loved one feel like they’re walking on cloud nine all year long. We all need a pair of soft house shoes to slip on at the end of a long day, and these aromatic spa-style relaxation slippers are sure to help with relaxation. The removable insoles in these slippers are filled with lavender buds and flaxseed, and can be heated in the microwave to help relax muscle tension. 

Chenille Hand-Knotted Fringe Throw

Three cozy chenille throw blankets in tan, ivory and gray
Source: Pottery Barn

Price: $59.00+

This irresistibly soft chenille blanket is the perfect in-between-seasons staple, which will be much appreciated as winter turns to spring. For an extra special touch, have the blanket monogrammed with a set of initials.

Ultra Soft Marshmallow Hooded Lounger

Three cozy hooded lounge dresses in gray, purple and blue
Source: Amazon

Price: Ranges from $99.00–$109.00+

Soft. Hooded. Lounger. Need we say more? These ultra-cozy and cute hooded loungers will wrap your loved one in head-to-toe marshmallow-like softness. They come in three colors, so you can get one that suits any style.

Hobby-Related Gifts For Grandma

Mystery Baking & Decorating Box

Cardboard box full of baking supplies, including chocolate chips, icing, sprinkles and cookie mix
Source: Gopuff

Price: $15.73+

This baking kit includes everything your loved one needs to make all of their best baking dreams come true. And we mean virtually everything, for almost any baking occasion—like, say, cookie baking-and-decorating night. Dig around in this kit to find some easy-to-make cookie dough mixes and even some extra sprinkles to add on top.

Hummingbird Feeder

Antique glass hummingbird feeder outside with a hummingbird feeding from it
Source: Amazon

Price: $15.73+

Snag this cute antique-looking hummingbird feeder if your loved one is an avid backyard bird watcher. In warm weather, they can stick this antique glass feeder on a patio or outside a window to spot hummingbirds. Pro tip: While the green and clear options are gorgeous, the red feeder is your best bet since hummingbirds often feed on flowers that have red in them. 

Grandma’s Cutting Board

 Personalized wooden cutting board for grandma
Source: Etsy

Price: $19.95+

A custom cutting board is the perfect gift for those who never leave the kitchen. To complete the gift, set it up with a charcuterie spread and a beautiful set of cheese knives.

The Farmer’s Organic Indoor Herb Garden

Organic home garden kit with a box, signs, pots, instructions and tools
Source: Etsy

Price: $27.00+

This sweet and easy-to-use herb garden will provide your loved one with a way to grow their favorite herbs all year long. It’s a kit that includes everything she’ll need to get started: non-GMO heirloom seeds (sweet basil, Italian parsley, sage, cilantro and thyme), compostable peat pots, rich potting soil discs (all certified USDA organic), plant markers and a growing guide.

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Three glass pots with yellow, purple and pink flowers coming out of them
Source: Uncommon Goods

Price: $34.00+

If your special person loves flowers but doesn’t want the hassle of having to plant in the garden, then these indoor flower kits are a great gift option. They can place this vase on a windowsill to watch the birth flowers come to life—or you can pick out the birth flowers of other loved ones for a sweet nod to a growing family. 

Gardener’s Tool Seat

Green gardener tool seat outside next to a garden
Source: Uncommon Goods

Price: $40.00+

At any age, it’s hard to garden without hurting our knees. This lightweight steel and nylon garden stool combines the features of a tool bag and a folding chair that’ll help your special person work in the garden for hours without the pain. 

Knitting Caddy & Yarn Bowl

Hand-thrown cream colored stoneware bowl-and-caddy combo with blue yarn and knitting tools
Source: Uncommon Goods

Price: $58.00+

If your loved one likes to knit or crochet, this is the perfect gift that they never knew they needed. With this gorgeous hand-thrown stoneware bowl-and-caddy combo, they can keep yarn and tools perfectly organized. 

Last-Minute Gifts For Grandma

Gopuff Wine Delivery

Blue background with five bottles of wine
Source: Gopuff

Price: Ranges from $7.00–$200.00+

If you’re pressed for time, don’t stress! When in doubt, send your loved ones a bottle of their favorite wine to let them know you care. With Gopuff, you can get the good stuff delivered straight to the door in 30 minutes or less. 

Freshly Baked Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies on a gray counter
Source: Joyfoodsunshine

Price: Ranges from $0–20.00+ depending on the ingredients you need to buy

Total Time: 30 minutes

Nothing says “I love you” like a homemade gift. Return the favor of all the times your caretaker whipped up a batch of your favorite cookies by making some for them this Mother’s Day.

Shop This Recipe:


If you realize at the last minute this Mother’s Day that you’ve forgotten some gift-wrapping essentials like cards, wrapping paper or decorations—don’t fret. Gopuff can deliver it straight to you in 30 minutes or less. 

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