The Ultimate New Puppy Checklist for Pet Parents

Adopted a canine friend? Make sure your puppy is comfortable in their new home with our new puppy checklist

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So you’re about to adopt a new puppy. Congratulations on the best decision of your life! (But probably don’t tell your partner or children that they come in a distant second.) If you’re doing pet ownership right, you’ve come up with the perfect name, hidden all your shoes in a safe place and read all about training. But have you got everything to make the latest addition to your family comfortable in their new home? Go through this new puppy checklist to be sure you’re ready to welcome your furry friend.  

Dog Bed

Did you know that adult dogs sleep an average of 12–14 hours a day, and that puppies enjoy 18–20 hours of sleep daily? While dogs are happy to nap in various places around the house (including your carefully made bed), it’s important for them to have a place that is their own. 

Do some research, since there’s a multitude of dog bed options available, including cooling, orthopedic, odor-resistant and hypoallergenic ones.

If you’ve adopted an adult dog, measure them from nose to tail while they are sleeping. Then add about 10 inches to the length of the bed. If you have a puppy, opt for a larger bed or be prepared to replace it pretty soon. To help your puppy feel cozy and safe, add blankets or pillows. 

Food & Water Bowls

Dog bowls are commonly made of ceramic, plastic or stainless steel. Make sure to always keep them clean. 

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When you arrive at a new place, what is likely the first thing you need? Right—food! Your furry friend is no different in this respect, so naturally, No. 1 on our new puppy checklist is dog food. When it comes to feeding your new best friend, there are several diet options: dry, wet, natural food, etc.

We recommend talking to your vet before deciding on a diet as well as doing some research online. When choosing a brand, always look at the ingredient list, because you only want your puppy to have the good stuff, right?

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Dry food:

Wet food: 


Treats are commonly used to train dogs. But also, don’t you want your dog to like you? When it comes to treats, there are so many interesting options available, so you might need to experiment a little to see what your puppy likes most. Fair warning: Some of these treats may look strangely appealing to humans. 

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Your puppy will quickly outgrow its first collar, but it’s still among the most important puppy supplies for any owner. After all, it will appear (adorably) in your puppy’s very first pictures. We recommend getting a simple nylon collar rather than opting for a more expensive leather one. Make sure that the collar has an ID tag that you can fill in with your contact information. Additionally, some collars, like Alzoo, can repel ticks, fleas and dust mites.  

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A leash is an important training tool, so it’s critical to find the right fit. Some people choose to have several leashes on hand, while others want an all-in-one option. Ideally you’ll want an adjustable, reflective and easily washable leash.

Nylon leashes are durable and less likely to get tangled. However, a lot depends on your puppy’s breed, size, character and energy level. Learn more about different leash materials and styles and check out all the options available on Gopuff.

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Training Pads

As you might have guessed, training pads are not the most glamorous item on this list. However, if you live in a place with dramatic weather changes or if you adopted an elderly dog or a dog with a disability, pee pads may be a necessity. If you’re planning on potty training your dog, you may find this video helpful. 

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Grooming Brush

Another item on our new puppy checklist is a grooming brush. You should pick one that’s suitable for your dog’s fur. Slicker brushes are ideal for removing knots in long, medium and curly fur, but if your puppy has short fur, it might scratch their skin. For dogs with shorter coats, instead choose a bristle brush.

For thick, heavy coats like those of Siberian huskies and pomeranians, you will need an undercoat rake. For double-coated dogs, go with a moulting comb. If you’re looking for a universal brush, consider a rubber brush or a double-sided brush. You can find a comprehensive grooming brush guide here

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No puppy supply list would be complete without toys—just like human kids, puppies love to play! Make sure your new puppy has both active toys, like balls and rope toys, and plush comfort toys.

Some breeders believe it’s a good idea to rub plush toys on the pup’s mom or siblings before taking your puppy home. Keep a close eye on your fluffy friend’s toys, and be sure to discard them immediately if they are cracked to avoid injuries. 

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Good for teething: 

Active toys: 

Comfort toys:

Dog Waste Bags

For walks that don’t result in your neighbors getting grumpy, make sure you’ve got a stash of waste bags on hand.

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Dog Shampoo 

If your dog doesn’t have allergies or skin conditions, you can shop for shampoo based on scent or price. However, when in doubt, consult your vet or opt for PH-balanced or soap-free variants of doggie shampoo.  

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Flea & Tick Spray

Sure, some collars are flea- and tick-repellent—but it’s best you don’t take any chances. To apply a good flea & tick spray, just gently mist your puppy’s fur coat every 2 months. Note: Flea & tick sprays are not safe for dogs under 12 weeks old.

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Stain & Odor Remover 

To hide the evidence of your little dog’s escapades, you’ll need good cleaning products. For example, Nature’s Miracle Dog Stain & Odor Remover is enzyme-based and can be used to remove pesky stains on floors, clothing and carpets.

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By the way, if you’re looking for some cleaning inspo, check out this cleaning supply list that will help you keep your house spotless! 

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