Online Party Games for a Wild Night In

Online Party Games for a Wild Night In

Check out these super fun online party games that are great options for your next party

December 11, 2020

Whether you’re doing a small get together or a socially distant party night, add something fun with some of these online party games. Some will require Zoom, Hangouts or another video call app. Our list features the best of the best cross-platform and multiplayer games that you and your friends will love. Some are free, while others are relatively cheap. You can even opt for online drinking games if that’s the plan. See below for more.

Among Us banner


Among Us

Among Us is a hugely popular multiplayer online deduction game that has really blown up since 2018, hitting its peak with people quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic . This addictive video game is simple, fun and an absolutely perfect choice when it comes to online party games. It supports 4–10 players. 

In Among Us, players find themselves on a spaceship as Crewmates or Impostors. Crewmates must identify and eliminate the Impostors, and complete various tasks around the ship. Impostors must kill the Crewmates or secretly sabotage them before all the tasks are complete.

Crewmates win by voting out all the Impostors or finishing all tasks. Impostors win with a critical sabotage or when there’s an equal number of Impostors and Crewmates remaining. Sounds complicated, but it’s an awesome game for a group of friends—and its voice chat function helps keep things social.

Among Us is available on Android, iOS, Steam and more.

Jackbox Party Packs


Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games is a game studio that produces party games designed for group play across many platforms. Jackbox sells individual games, but also offers the Jackbox Party Pack. Jackbox Party Packs feature 5 games that 1–8 people can play, making it a great option for your next Zoom call get together with friends.

There are different Jackbox Party Packs to choose from, as well as bundles. Games include Trivia Murder Party, Guesspionage, Tee K.O., Fakin’ It, Survive the Internet, Monster Seeking Monster, Bracketeering, Civic Doodle and many others. Jackbox also offers standalone party game titles like Quiplash, Fibbage, the trivia game You Don’t Know Jack, Drawful 2 and more.

Jackbox Games are cross-platform and available on any device or computer.

Houseparty Games


Houseparty games

The popular and free video chat app Houseparty offers a variety of games purposefully built for parties with friends. It’s as simple as downloading the app to your phone or tablet, and it’s also available through Google Chrome. You can then invite friends to join in the fun. Houseparty games include Chips and Guac (similar to Cards Against Humanity), Heads Up!, Quick Draw (a Pictionary-style party game) and Trivia. They even have everyone’s childhood fave, Uno! This is a great way to connect with remote friends for some much-needed face time. 

You can get Houseparty on iOS, Android, Mac, PC and as a Google Chrome extension.

All Bad Cards


Online Board Games and Card Games

There are numerous online board games and card games that will work for your remote party. Here are some popular examples:

Pogo Games: A free online game platform with Monopoly and Yahtzee, as well as puzzle games, card games and word games.

Ticket to Ride: A railway-themed adventure online board game in which players vie for railway routes.

Catan Universe: The extremely popular settlement and colonization game has an online multiplayer version.

Tabletop Simulator: A rich simulator that allows players to create their own games, play existing ones and more. 

All Bad Cards: This adult-oriented and hilarious card game is similar to Cards Against Humanity, but available online and ready for a party. 

Beer pong cups


Online Drinking Games

If you want to stick to old-school games and use Zoom, Hangouts or another video chat app, the below options are for you. Just make sure you’ve got some hangover cures handy!

Truth or Shots: It’s Truth or Dare, but with alcohol! Is the truth too real? Opt for a shot (of Fireball) instead. Drunkest player loses (wins?).

Cup Pong: A virtual game similar to beer pong, with frat house rules. Challenge your friends. Just make sure you’ve got some cheap domestic beer to keep the game going.

Never Have I Ever: Take it back to middle school with this classic game—but add liquor. Prepare for embarrassment.

Drunk Pirate: A web browser online drinking game with cards that tell players what to do. The orders are random and often hilarious. Some examples include, “The most pale player must drink” or ,“Whoever is wearing the skinniest jeans must drink.”

Letterpress on iPhone



This game is similar to Words with Friends, but you can play with a group of friends instead of just one opponent. Letterpress is often reviewed 5/5 stars and offers a degree of customization to fit group play. In Letterpress, players take turns making words out of a 5×5 letter tile board. You tap the letters to create the word, hit submit and win the corresponding tiles. Most tiles at the end wins it. 

Available on Android, iOS and MacOS.

Skribbl online game banner



For a totally free drawing and guessing game in the same vein as Pictionary, Skribble is really fun and promises a lot of laughs. Each round, one player gets a word and must draw it while the others have to guess the word based on the (probably poorly drawn) sketch, leading to often hilarious results. The player with the most correct guesses wins. 

Skribbl is a web browser game.

Give these fun online games a try. We guarantee you’ll have a blast, even if it’s a remote party night.

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