9 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Spark Some Passion

Spice up your day of love and romance with sexy Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Gopuff that will excite and surprise your partner

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and after a year of staying home, whether together or apart, you’re probably looking to reignite the spark and have a romantic Valentine’s Day with your partner (or yourself).  

Candles? Check. 

Wine? Yep.

Food? Done.

Gift? Shoot.

It happens: You forget to grab something special to give your partner and find yourself scrambling. This year, count out that fancy dinner date. Why not try gifting something you can enjoy together and beyond one night? In 2021, you’ll give the best Valentine’s Day gifts. 

Forget the gold necklaces, men’s cologne and other cheesy Valentine’s gifts you usually exchange. Let’s kindle some flames and tap into that libido, with some Valentine’s Day gifts that will get you and your partner(s) going.

As you are getting ready to enjoy a sensual night (or a few) with your partner, make sure you are playing it safe. Grab some protection with your gifts—and if you find yourself needing more in a pinch, we’ve got your back. 

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Now that we’ve got you and your partner covered, check out these fun and sexy Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Gopuff that will help you discover new ways (or reignite old ways) to excite your love life.

1. An Aphrodisiac Bath and Massage Intimacy Kit

Set the mood with an intimacy kit for you and your partner to enjoy. This is one of the best Valentine’s gifts to share on an intimate and relaxing evening, whether you and your partner are spending it together or apart. It comes with a bath soak, bubbles, massage oil and linen spray, so every part of this sensual gift can be used throughout the night to keep the mood going.

2. Lingerie 

Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for her, him, them or even yourself, lingerie is a fun option to make everyone involved feel a little bolder. If you’re spending your Valentine’s Day with your partner in person or over a long distance, or celebrating yourself, some sexy lingerie can help set the mood. 

If you’re surprising your SO with some new getup, opt for items (like this teddy) that don’t have underwire to make it easier to find the right fit. And if you’re splurging for yourself, we suggest doing a trial run to make sure you know what strap goes where and which buckle needs to be undone when the fun begins.

3. Spicy Dice

A not-so-cheesy Valentine’s Day gift for him, her or them is these spicy dice. Each die offers an action, a body part and a location for each action. Case in point, this game will have you and your partner moving around the house—and each other. Playing with dice is a fun way to learn more about each other’s bodies and preferences, and it’s sure to inspire a few laughs along the way.

4. Personal Massagers for Her

Sometimes the passion and satisfaction in the bedroom can die down a bit, so why not use Valentine’s Day to shake things up a bit, literally? One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can give is a personal massager for your partner to use when you aren’t (or are) around.

We know introducing a toy into the bedroom can be intimidating, but it has been found to be beneficial for relationships when done thoughtfully. Talk to your partner about their willingness to do so, and if they are interested, start with some personal massagers you both feel comfortable trying. 

If you plan on incorporating toys into your Valentine’s Day gifts, don’t forget to grab personal lubricants as well to help things go a little smoother.

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5. Vibrating Rings for Him 

While we’re buzzing about personal massagers, vibrating rings are great Valentine’s gifts for him (or whomever). Not to mention, giving both partners the chance to experience some good vibrations together. In addition to making physical intercourse more pleasurable, bringing vibrators and other toys into the bedroom can bring couples closer together mentally. 

If you haven’t tried a vibrating ring before with your partner, start with single-use rings to test out together before splurging on reusable ones. 

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6. Hot Knots Beginner’s Bondage Game

Add some fun to your tango for two with this beginner’s bondage game from Lovehoney. This game will help introduce tying each other up, and also provides ideas on what to do with each other as you take turns exploring your bodies. This is a great sexy Valentine’s Day gift for couples looking to take their intercourse to a new level. 

7. Personal Lubricants

Now, you’re probably thinking, “This is not a great gift for Valentine’s Day,” but that’s where you’re wrong. Personal lubricants are not just for people who need a little help getting going—they can actually enhance intercourse and make it last longer for all partners. Not to mention, personal lubricants can heighten arousal during your warm-up for the main event.

There are flavored options to explore, as well as lubricants that offer different types of sensations for everyone’s  pleasure. So whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for men or for women, or even just looking to be prepared for where the night may lead, grab some personal lubricants to ramp up the fun.

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8. Mini Vibrator Necklace

OK, we know we said no jewelry, but this isn’t your average necklace. This is a sexy Valentine’s Day gift for her to enjoy whenever, wherever—and discretely. This necklace doubles as a bullet vibrator that only you will have the pleasure of recognizing. 

9. Chocolate Body Paints 

If you’re struggling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for men, look no further than chocolate body paint. Combine this indulgent aphrodisiac with a little foreplay to make your evening a tasty adventure. Because who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate body paint is a sexy gift and a fun way for partners to admire what they love most about each other’s bodies. Besides, whipped cream is so 2008. 

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