6 Ways to Prioritize Spending Time With Family

Maximize your family time with these tried and true tactics that’ll make you more efficient so you can prioritize family face-time

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Finding enough time for family bonding with your loved ones can be such a challenge. With our busy schedules, work emails, hectic households and social media, it can be hard to experience the benefits of spending time with family. These benefits include greater appreciation for family relationships, a sense of belonging and togetherness, higher self-esteem and an improved overall well-being.

Spending quality time should be a big focus in our lives. The good news is you absolutely can make it happen with some tips and effort (and the efficiency offered by Gopuff’s affordable and fast home essentials and food delivery). Whether you prioritize DIY projects, board games or just a weekly family dinner, here’s how to get that face-to-face engagement you’ve been missing.

How to spend more time with family

There are thousands of ways to spend more time with family but we’ve compiled our six faves to get you started and provided ways that Gopuff can help.

Prioritize breakfast with loved ones

Breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day. It’s also a prime opportunity to spend some time with your family and kids. Whatever your morning schedule looks like, you’ve gotta eat, so why not make breakfast a time to check in and set the intention for the day? Families who connect daily, especially around the breakfast table, solidify their bonds and create a close-knit unit.

So, slow down next AM and enjoy a positive, day-defining meal together, whether it’s your favorite cereal or bacon and eggs. Just make sure you’ve got the breakfast essentials. Whatever you do, make sure to set even just 15-20 minutes aside for breakfast instead of running out the door right away. 

Commit to family dinners each week

Like breakfast, family dinners are another core element of quality family time. Many of us just don’t have time for elaborate dinners due to demanding schedules, fatigue and stress. Sitting down for a nice family dinner can definitely feel like a luxury, but we think it’s one you ought to take advantage of. You don’t have to spend hours cooking, either. There are many quick recipes that require very few ingredients and low prep time.

That’s why it’s wise to stock up on kitchen staples, common ingredients and even ready-to-eat meals if you’re in a hurry. Family dinners are a great way to emphasize togetherness, stay up to date with your kids and just take some time out to relax. Don’t forget to select a bottle of wine or other alcoholic beverages for your of-age diners.

Cut down on grocery store runs

This is where Gopuff comes in handy. We deliver your grocery essentials to your doorstep exactly when you need them. After a long day at the office (or working remotely), the last thing you want to do is waste time at the grocery store shopping for food and essentials. Every minute at the grocery store is a post-work moment that could be devoted to spending time with family.

One great way to prioritize time at home with family is to zero out as much of the errands you’re responsible for. So, stop shopping and use your downtime wisely. We know you’ve got A LOT going on, but cutting some of the less necessary tasks can really help.

Start a movie night tradition

We have so many options when it comes to streaming shows and movies. Sometimes we spend 30 minutes just trying to sort through all the streaming services and endless lists of movies. An ideal way to prioritize spending time with the whole family is to schedule a weekly movie night. Pick a night each week, make a list of movies in advance so you have a plan, order a few movie snacks and candy and start a movie night tradition.

Choose family-friendly movies depending on the ages of your kids. Go for lighthearted movies, comedies and animated films to keep things fun for the entire family. Movie night will quickly become a family tradition that you’ll look forward to every week, and you’ll develop a solid list of movies as you go. If it helps, mark movie nights on your calendar and X out those evenings in advance.

Take whole family (dogs included) hikes or walks

Whether you’re in a large city, a smaller, more rural area or anywhere in between, going for a family hike or walk gets you away from the laptop screen, refreshes you and provides a chance to get a little fitness and wellness into your schedule. Instead of taking a solo jog, consider getting the family together and heading out for a hike or walk, whether it’s around the block or to a local hiking area. Don’t forget to bring the dog along, some hydrating, healthy drinks and any other essentials like bug spray, depending on where you’re headed.

This is a great way to get the kids outdoors for some fam time and is far more active than staying home playing board games (no offense to board games, though. Another fun family activity!). A family walk can be really fun if you’ve got younger kids and access to nature. It’s also an opportunity to burn some calories from that family dinner we recommended.

DIY projects with family members

For those rainy weekends better spent indoors, we suggest taking on some fun DIY projects, whether it’s a crafting activity, art project or kid-friendly DIY like assembling a terrarium. Getting the entire family together for a creative endeavor is a perfect way to spend some real quality family time.

It’s a low-pressure, fun way to set a shared goal and engage everyone’s creativity, and it lets you forget the fast-paced lifestyle for an afternoon. Try painting, potting some indoor plants, setting up an aquarium or just about anything else you’ve been wanting to do. Shop Gopuff and get DIY project basics delivered to save even more time.

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