7 Ways to Treat Yourself This Winter

Going through a stressful time? Treat yourself to these indulgent self-care products and activities

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Whether it’s the need to stay indoors, the lack of interaction with friends and family or the requirement to hold down a full-time job while supervising children, this winter is rough. That’s why it’s important to treat yourself to some self-care activities and products. We recommend a Treat Yourself Day, where you spend an entire day treating yourself to things that you love. We think Donna and Tom would approve.

How to Treat Yourself

1. Do an At-Home Spa Day

If your shoulders haven’t come back down from ear-height since March, you’re in desperate need of an at-home spa day. Start by dry brushing your entire body to remove dead skin cells and help improve lymphatic drainage. Follow that up with a luxurious soak in a hot bath fizzing with a lavender bath bomb or bubbles. Don’t forget a cup of calming tea or a glass of bubbly

Once you’re nice and pruney, slather your body in moisturizer and do a hydrating sheet mask or clarifying clay mask. Next, pop on a cozy movie and get to work on those DIY winter or Christmas nails. 

2. Cuddle Your Babies

Spend some time cuddling your kids, doggos, kitties or your significant other. Have everyone pile into one big bed, or set up a comfy spot on the floor that’s filled with pillows and plush blankets. You could always cuddle and watch TV, but it’s really nice to actively engage with your loved ones, whether that involves playing with your pets or kids or simply lying with your family and talking.

3. Buy Something Fancy 

You know that thing that you want but never buy because it’s kind of a lot of money? Or maybe a little frivolous? Treat yourself to that thing for once. Spring for the nice bottle of Veuve Clicquot, the 12-year-old Macallan or, if you’re feeling really fancy, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label. You could also put together a beauty kit for yourself featuring a new lipstick, fresh lashes and seasonally appropriate wine-red nail polish and velvet scrunchies

And there’s always a drone. Do you need one? No. Should you get one? Yes. They’re a joy to fly around and can provide hours of entertainment. If you get one with a camera, you can snap aerial views of your entire property or just get some really flattering high-angle selfies. 

4. *Whispers* Exercise 

We know, we know. But moving your body is proven to decrease stress levels. And luckily, you don’t have to lace up your running shoes or force yourself to cry through a series of burpees. You can do yoga or take the dog for a long walk. You can also dance wildly around your home or even do some deep cleaning, getting down on your hands and knees to vigorously scrub the floor.

In addition to burning calories and giving your arms a workout, the act of cleaning can be a great stress reliever as it provides relief from dirt and clutter. Just make sure you choose an activity that you find satisfying or it won’t feel like self-care.

5. Get Outside 

Have you left your house in a while? With things like online grocery delivery and online shopping, it’s easy to go days without stepping foot outside. You may now look like a beautiful vampire with a complexion undamaged by the sun, but there’s nothing like a little fresh air and vitamin D to lift your spirits and clear your mind.

So maybe put on a podcast and go for a short walk around the block. Or skip the headphones and let your mind wander. This is especially great if you need a little jolt of creativity or have a problem to work out

6. Order an Unreasonable Amount of Snacks

We’re talking a chaotic amount of chocolate, candy, chips, baked goods and soda. Throw in some ice cream, too. And don’t forget the childhood favorites, such as Dunkaroos, Fruit by the Foot and Fun Dip. You don’t need to eat it all in one sitting, but it’s nice to have a stash of snacks on hand when you want to treat yourself to something fun, but don’t have time to do more than open a package. 

7. Take 5

Find a quiet place to sit or lie and then do nothing for the next 5 minutes. You could meditate, which involves paying close attention to how you’re feeling in the moment. If you find it hard to keep your mind from wandering to your to-do list or potential names for future cats, do some simple deep-breathing exercises.

The full oxygen exchange that comes from deep breathing can slow your heartbeat and lower or stabilize your blood pressure. If you can spare the time, do your deep breathing exercises for 10–20 minutes a day. 

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