10 Glorious Snacks for a Glorious Baseball Season

Discover 10 classic make-ahead baseball snack ideas for the MLB season to enjoy while watching a baseball game

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Play ball! Well, the MLB is kind of back, but it looks like it could be awhile before you get back to the stadium to see your favorite team like in the good old pre-pandemic days. So why not bring the taste of classic ballpark food home to enjoy while you watch the game on TV? Or take some snacks along to Little League games if you happen to know any young baseball players? Either way, the tradition of America’s favorite pastime remains connected to the glorious foods and beverages you can enjoy while cheering on your team.

However you decide to take in a ballgame, you’ve come to the right place for great baseball snack ideas to recreate the genuine ballpark experience. Let’s look at the game snack menu lineup!

Hot dogs and brats

The quintessential ballpark food. One of the great things about hot dogs and brats is their base simplicity. From there, you can customize and personalize however you want, to whatever level of complexity you desire. 

It’s no surprise that pizza, hot dogs and brats have taken on unique characteristics in different cities or regions. Here are some regional American hot dog styles to give you ideas for making your own hot dogs and brats with the fixins and toppings from cities and baseball stadiums around the country.

Try a New York dog. It’s simple: a hot dog, hot dog bun, mustard and sauerkraut.

Peanuts and roasted almonds

Peeling and eating roasted peanuts from the shells is one of those long-standing snack options because it’s easy and affordable, even if a bit messy. There are neater and tidier peanut options, of course.

And when you smell the warm cinnamon goodness of roasted almonds, it’s impossible not to be hungry. Don’t wait, make your own cinnamon-roasted almonds!

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Another highly adaptable and customizable food, nachos can be as simple as chips and cheese or as complex as layers of meats, salsas, cheeses and veggies. Although the ballparks typically offer the simpler end of the spectrum, you can go all out while staying at home. Check out some of these DIY ideas for taking your nachos to the next level, and then eliminating them, chip by chip, layer by layer.

Try this nachos supreme recipe.

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Soft pretzel

Deny the irresistible goodness of the soft pretzel. Just kidding. It’s impossible. Whether you prefer salt or no salt or you get it with salt and then brush it off to lower the saltiness while keeping some of the flavor, this warm and chewy treat dipped in cheese or some other amazing sauce is destined to remain a baseball season snack food forever. For-ev-er!

Check out this soft pretzel recipe to make your own at home.

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Or, order some soft pretzels that are already made!


Whoever thought to mix caramel, popcorn and peanuts together and put a prize in the box was a sweet treat genius. Crackerjacks are good any time, but especially while watching a ballgame. The only disappointing part is when the box is empty. 

You can make your own crackerjack in a bigger batch and adjust the caramel/popcorn/peanut dials a bit to suit your taste. Check out the recipe here.

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Even when this member of the Crackerjacks band goes solo, it too has enough range to make a great and timeless snack. Flavored popcorn has come a long way in the past few years, and a lot of it you can make yourself. Cajun. Chipotle. Ranch. Movie Theater. Veggie. Caribbean Jerk. Buffalo. Caesar. Margarita. Those are just a few ideas. Check out these fun flavored popcorn ideas

Try #24: Sriracha-Lime!

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Or, you know, you could have your popcorn delivered.


The original sports drink. Not to be consumed while you’re playing sports, of course, but great to drink while you’re watching sports. Though some recreational softball players may disagree. Nevertheless.

There may be rules in baseball, but not when it comes to enjoying your beverage of choice in the stands or on the couch. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pilsner beer fan or a craft beer connoisseur, because it’s about your experience and cheering on your team. The only real rules here are to make sure you’re of legal age to drink alcohol and to drink responsibly. Other than that, fill the cooler and crack open a cold one in salute to the greatest game of all time!


Even if you’re enjoying your favorite brew—actually, especially if you are—it’s a good idea to keep some water nearby to keep hydrated. (No, the water in beer doesn’t count as hydration.) Drink your preferred brand of bottled water or infuse a pitcher of water with fruit such as lemon, strawberries or refreshing cucumber. However you do it, get that water in your belly.

Sports drinks

The ever-popular sports drinks lifted off with Michael Jordan’s endorsement of Gatorade. (Hey, he played baseball for a couple of years, okay?) Now the market offers several options of electrolyte-replenishing fluids in dozens of flavors and levels of sugar and calorie content. However, it’s best to actually be playing or doing something active enough to make you sweat if you’re going to drink a lot of this in a sitting.

Cocktails: the other sports drinks

Not everyone digs beer. These really fun baseball cocktails are a home run. Again, enjoy these while watching the game, not playing it. Assuming you’re 21 years or older and will drink responsibly. 

If you didn’t see the snacks you’re craving, browse the virtual aisles at Gopuff for all of your baseball season snack, drink and quick meal needs and see if we’re in your area for delivery!

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