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13 Exquisite Coffee Cocktails to Perk Up Your Night

No need to choose between a cup of joe or a cocktail. Combine them both with these coffee cocktail recipes that will keep you going

December 07, 2020

There’s nothing quite like the buzz you get from a nice cup of coffee, or from your favorite cocktail. But who says you can’t mix the two? 

These days, coffee cocktails mean more than just adding a dash of cream liqueur into your mug like your grandparents used to do after dinner. Now you can pair with your coffee the flavors of booze—from vodka or gin to Jägermeister or tequila—to craft up fun and flavorful adult beverages with some extra pep. 

Whether you’re hosting the perfect brunch at home, or looking for an after-dinner treat, we’re here to serve up 13 exciting coffee cocktails you’ll want to try, no matter what your coffee or liquor preferences may be. 

Whiskey-Based Coffee Cocktails

Vodka-Based Coffee Cocktails

Tequila-Based Coffee Cocktails

Gin-Based Coffee Cocktails

Other Boozy Coffee-Inspired Cocktails

Brew Your Own Cold Brew

Prep time: 12 hours

Before we start imbibing, why not take a shot at making your own cold brew coffee to incorporate into your cocktails? It’s as simple as combining ground coffee and cold water in a large pitcher and storing for at least 12 hours. After that, you’ll have your own cold brew to enjoy in an iced coffee cocktail recipe or on its own! 

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Boozy Whipped Cream

Prep time: 5 minutes

A bottle of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur and bowl of whipped cream

Source: Wild Wild Whisk 

Whipped cream is the perfect topping to desserts, ice cream and a variety of different drinks—especially coffee. So, why not whip up your own boozy version to top off your coffee cocktail, or use on other sweet treats? Perhaps a boozy milkshake

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Whiskey-Based Coffee Cocktails

Irish Coffee

An Irish coffee in a champagne glass on a plate with flower petals

Source: allrecipes; Photo by atomskk

Of course we have to include one of the most popular coffee cocktails, which marries Jameson Irish Whiskey and Baileys Irish Cream. Make this already easy cocktail even simpler and opt for Bulletproof Medium Roast K-Cups to brew your coffee. 

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Tennessee Coffee

Two Tennessee Coffees in clear glass coffee cups garnished with cream and coffee grounds

Source: Cheers to the Host

This warm coffee delight is as smooth as the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey that’s in it. Try it on a cool night (or day) to perk up while you warm up.

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Cold Brew & Bourbon

Cold brew and bourbon cocktail in highball glass with an orange peel garnish

Source: Gastronom Blog

This adult coffee is the perfect opportunity to use the cold brew coffee you brewed up! Smooth vanilla flavors from the cream unite with the Maker’s Mark Whiskey and the sweet, mild profile of the cold brew.

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Vodka-Based Coffee Cocktails

Dalgona Coffee Martini

Dalgona Coffee Martini in martini glass, bottles of Baileys Irish Cream and Tito’s Vodka

Source: Hip2Save

If you’ve tried this viral TikTok coffee, then you’re going to want to indulge in the equally Instagrammable boozy version of it. Swap out the milk base of this whipped delight for Baileys Irish Cream mixed with Tito’s Vodka. Top with the fluffy coffee cloud the Dalgona coffee is famous for, and snap a pic before you take that first sip.

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Dirty White Russian

A Dirty White Russian cocktail in highball glass with a blue straw

Source: Yummly

Spike the classic White Russian cocktail with coffee and it becomes a boozy iced latte. Yes, please!

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Tequila-Based Coffee Cocktails

Casamigos & Coffee

Casamigos Tequila coffee cocktail, garnished with orange peel, anise, and coffee beans

Source: Bar Business Magazine

Um, Casamigos Tequila and espresso? Sign us up. The vanilla notes of this tequila paired with espresso and orange will change the way you drink both coffee and tequila. 

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Mexican Coffee

A tequila and Kahlua cocktail in tall, clear, coffee glass; bottle of Kahlua

Source: Cooking With Curls

This blend of tequila and coffee will have you and your guests saying “màs, por favor,” which is Spanish for “more, please!”

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Gin-Based Coffee Cocktails

Honeyed Coffee Gin & Tonic

A Honeyed Coffee Gin and Tonic cocktail in tall clear glass, garnished with lemon

Source: Imbibe Magazine

What’s more refreshing than a nice gin and tonic? A gin and tonic with coffee. The herbal flavors of gin pair well with the mildness of cold brew coffee. Go ahead, stir one up, we’ll wait.

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Coffee Negroni

Why not add an extra kick to your negroni? Enjoy this cocktail at brunch and maintain your energy to keep going well into the afternoon.

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Other Boozy Coffee-Inspired Cocktails

Long Island Iced Coffee

A Long Island Ice Coffee in short glass with a gold rim and brown and white straw

Source: Whitney Bond

A sophisticated spin on the cocktail you probably spent your early drinking years enjoying. Let’s just say this one will have you buzzing. 

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Jägermeister and coffee cocktail in short, clear, glass coffee cup, topped with foam

Source: Joe’s Daily

Swap the Red Bull for coffee in this caffeinated shot paired with Jägermeister. Guaranteed to give you the energy you need to get through the night.

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Eggnog Russian

Eggnog, rum and Kahlua cocktail called Eggnog Russian in champagne flutes

Source: allrecipes

Take the ‘nog up a notch this holiday season with a little rum and Kahlua for a little coffee flavoring. Don’t forget to leave a glass for Santa.

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Affogato Martini

Photo of vanilla ice cream in a martini glass with Kahlua

Source: Brit+Co 

OK, so this one doesn’t have coffee in it per se, but Kahlua is a coffee liqueur, so it counts, right? Because obviously ice cream + alcohol = perfection.

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These coffee-inspired adult beverages are sure to keep you and your guests going through the day or night. Whether you prefer vodka, tequila, whiskey or all of the above, there’s a coffee cocktail for you to enjoy!

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