Book and Wine Pairings to Prepare for Fall

Prepare for fall with a list of popular books to curl up with in the colder months. You can enjoy reading this fall with perfectly paired wines for delivery

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Fall is one of the best times of year. That’s why some people get excited about it months in advance. Pumpkin spice flavors start making their debut in mid-August and cool summer nights get people thinking about apple picking, hayrides and cozying up on the couch. Science actually shows that we love fall so much because our brains associate it with new goals, new beginnings and even exciting memories of friendship based on childhood memories of school.

With new goals in mind, maybe you want to start reading a new book. Fall is the perfect time of year to cozy up with a new book, fuzzy blanket and glass of wine to set the mood. Some think of wine pairings in terms of food, but we think there’s a perfect glass of wine for every book. Whether you pick up a sweet and bubbly love story or a dark, rich mystery, we’ve got a glass for everything—and with Gopuff, you don’t even need to leave the house to get it. Start up your own book and wine club with friends or family and get reading!

Midnight Sun” by Stephenie Meyer and Pinot Noir

“Midnight Sun” book cover
Source: Goodreads

For any Twilight saga fans, Stephenie Meyer recently released a new book in the series called “Midnight Sun.” If you haven’t read the original, it’s a YA fantasy romance novel about a teenage girl named Bella Swan and a vampire named Edward Cullen. You may have heard of it. The book was widely popularized when it was adapted into a film in 2008. It has since become a staple on teen bookshelves all over the world. “Midnight Sun” tells the original Twilight story from Edward’s perspective, and is sure to be a fall read with a hint of nostalgia.

For a romantic fantasy like “Midnight Sun,” it’s only right to pair it with a wine that matches that energy. Pinot noir is a lighter red wine, and often presents flavors of dark cherry and red currant, but may also carry earthy notes. This makes it the perfect red wine for a vampire romance.

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The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman and Riesling

“The 5 Love Languages” book cover
Source: Goodreads

If you’re looking for a light read and love a good self-exploration romance book, “The 5 Love Languages” is the one for you. Talking about love languages is trending all over social media these days, and this is the book that started it all. Dr. Gary Chapman discusses the five ways in which individuals give and receive love through different actions, and many have found that these love languages extend well beyond their romantic connections. The book has proven to be an insightful tool for couples, single people and even those who just love to read about love.

This book pairs well with a white wine like riesling for its sweet and easy drinking characteristics. The wine is known to have perfume-like notes in its sweeter versions, which can remind your palate how sweet love can be, too. While some rieslings are dry, it’s best to go with the sweeter option for this book. Some notes of sweet riesling include honey, beeswax, apricot, peach, pineapple and pear, making it a sweet sip for learning about love. If you prefer something a little more subtle and dry, go for a classic glass of pinot grigio!

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“The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett and Cabernet Sauvignon

“The Vanishing Half” book cover
Source: Goodreads

The Vanishing Half” made headlines for its story of two Black twin girls who run away from their predominantly Black southern town as 16 year olds and go on to live two very different lives. One sister lives her life in secrecy as a white-passing woman with a white family and blonde daughter, while the other embraces her Black heritage with her daughter. The story discusses topics like family, racial identity and community, while intersecting the storylines of the twins’ daughters who have entirely different life experiences. “The Vanishing Half” was so well received that HBO plans to film a limited series adaptation.

For one of our favorite books of fall, we recommend one of our favorite fall wines. Pair it with a rich and dark red wine like cabernet sauvignon. This wine carries notes of black cherry, black currant and sometimes cedar in aged wines. With cab’s bold notes, you can casually sip and maintain the rich flavor while reading this page-turner. If you’re not a fan of red wine, but want something equally bold, go for a glass of chardonnay for its creamy and buttery texture.

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“Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love” by Jonathan Van Ness and Prosecco

“Over the Top" book cover
Source: Goodreads

This memoir by “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness was voted the best memoir and autobiography by Goodreads users in 2019. Van Ness’ tell-all book “Over the Top” takes readers through his battles with trauma and mental health, and ultimately his journey to self-love. The memoir exposes JVN’s moments of hardship that are rarely seen in his positive and happy-go-lucky attitude on his show. He also shares stories and secrets as the free-spirited, crop-top-and-stiletto-wearing Jonathan Van Ness so many people adore.

What better way to read a story told by someone with a bubbly personality than with a glass of prosecco? A glass of sparkling white wine like prosecco, with its fruity notes of pear, apple and honeysuckle, will be sure to accompany this book flawlessly. You can also change it up and drink some Champagne if you’re feeling fancy!

Try these:

No matter what you’re reading or sipping on, we know and love the comfort of curling up with a million blankets and good books on a fall day or night. The best part is that you can do this alone or with friends and family. Combine the joys of book clubs and wine clubs by creating a book and wine club, starting with one of these pairings!

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