11 Winning Football Snacks and Drink Pairings

Impress your friends and family on gameday with these fun, unique snack and drink pairings

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The best part of football season? Game day, obviously. But, what’s game day without perfectly curated football snacks and drinks? While the best football snacks can’t help your team score, the right food and drinks will make your game day experience feel like a win, even if your team had a losing season. 

Whether you love game day classics like chicken wings, pizza and nachos or just some chips and beer, we put together a winning list of easy football snacks and drink pairings that are sure to score you points with your friends and family.

1. Individual Nachos, Coronitas and Mexican Sodas

The key to perfect nachos: perfect layers. Inspired by the queen of perfect party foods, Martha Stewart, this nacho recipe will make sure everyone can enjoy the perfect toppings-to-chip ratio while enjoying the game. Paired with Coronitas or individual Mexican sodas, these cheesy nachos will change the way you and your friends snack on this game-time favorite. 

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2. Meatless Carnitas Loaded Tater Tots and Victory Golden Monkey

If regular nachos are too basic for your game day crew, take a pass at this version of the classic football game snack. Pop open a cold Victory Golden Monkey with this recipe so even if your team doesn’t score, you can still enjoy a victory at home with this drink and easy football snack recipe. 

First, cook the tots according to the directions on the bag. Once there are about 10 minutes left, pull the tots out and layer on the cheese. Continue cooking for about 10 minutes. Once the tots are done, top with whatever your heart desires. There’s no wrong way to tackle this treat.

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3. Beer Dip and Beer

Cheese and beer: Need we say more? This dip is such an easy football party snack and can be made with any type of beer you like. Enjoy the rest of the brews you bought to make this while you cheer for your fantasy team players all weekend.

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4. Buffalo Dip and Rosé

Forget Buffalo wings—Buffalo chicken dip is where it’s at. You should probably double this recipe, because the first batch will be gone by half time. And for a drink, try a rosé wine. The subtle sweetness of the wine paired with the kick from the Buffalo dip will help keep your taste buds cooled off as you’re reaching for more of this addicting football snack. 

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5. Vegan Bean Dip and Grapefruit Waterloo

If you’re looking for a vegan option for your guests, we’ve got you covered. This vegan bean dip will have even meat lovers fighting for a scoop. Enjoy an ice cold Grapefruit Waterloo for a refreshing combo that’s perfect for those early games. 

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6. Frito Pies and Miller Lite

Transform this popular snack into a pile of chili and cheesy goodness. Bonus: You can enjoy these right in the Frito bag, making cleanup as smooth as Patrick Mahomes’ passing game. 

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7. Ultimate Snack Smorgasbord & White Claw Seltzers and Bud Light

Like a charcuterie board, but more fun to say and even better to enjoy on game day. This spread is great to try when you feel like you’ve run out of football snack ideas, because there’s no wrong way to build out your board. Load up with your favorite dips, chips and finger foods and fill your cooler with White Claw seltzers and Bud Light and you’ve got something everyone will enjoy.

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8. Pretzel Dogs and Sweet or Spiked Tea

Pretzels and hot dogs: two classic stadium foods. Pretzel dogs: Two classic stadium foods bundled into one. This duo is even better than Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Wash down this powerhouse football snack with sweet tea—classic or spiked.

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9. Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs and Cheladas

Deviled eggs are an easy football snack to lay out for your guests, but why not take them up a notch and mix in some Buffalo chicken? Imbibe with some Cheladas while enjoying this snack, and you’ve got a great brunch treat to enjoy during game time. 

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10. Popcorn Trail Mix and Stout Beer

For a sweeter treat to indulge in during the last quarter of a nighttime game, look no further than popcorn trail mix with a nice stout beer. Grab your favorite chocolates and nuts, then mix them together with popcorn for a sweet and salty treat.

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11. Cinnabons, Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked Ice Cream and Pinot Noir

We know our customers enjoy some Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream during nighttime games, so why not sit back, relax and enjoy a pint with a glass of pinot noir and some warm, gooey Cinnabons? This combo is perfect for treating yourself to your team’s victory—or comforting yourself after a tough loss. 

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