Tips for Hosting a Successful Friendsgiving

Here’s how to host an awesome Friendsgiving. It’ll take some ingenuity and social distancing tech, but there’s no reason to skip it in 2020!

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Thanksgiving is on its way, which also means it’s about time to get ready to host your annual Friendsgiving get together! This year may be a bit different due to social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel your Friendsgiving tradition. With the right tips and by setting some pandemic safety rules, you can still host a successful Friendsgiving dinner. 

See our full list of Friendsgiving tips, from safety to cleanup, below:

Stay Safe

Your Friendsgiving guest list will need to be a bit brief in 2020. Larger gatherings aren’t a good bet, but there are a few ways to pull off a smaller gathering. This year, consider limiting this post-Thanksgiving celebration to some of your close friends or just a few of your best friends. Keeping it small will allow for social distancing and not crowd your space—or host outdoors to reduce risk. Ensure that everyone wears a mask, whether they bring their own or if you supply it at the door.

For extra precaution, have plenty of hand sanitizer available, whether you go with small, individual bottles of hand sanitizer or a larger, 1-liter bottle. Make sure everyone uses it when they enter. 

While you can’t invite your entire circle of friends, you can utilize technology to make your Friendsgiving as social as possible. A Zoom call, Google Hangouts or other service will let you host a half-virtual party. Plan ahead with digital invites for people not physically present. Set up a few laptops or other devices on the table to include virtual guests.

Make the Perfect Playlist

Prep a Thanksgiving-themed playlist to fit the mood you want. Maybe go with a premade Spotify playlist or a livestream on YouTube. Chill playlists, dinner music, low-key electronic music, laid-back jazz or just about anything else will do. You can also have your guests curate their own fun playlist that will appeal to everyone. Either way, a solid playlist is a definite prerequisite for any Friendsgiving gathering.

Go For Fall-Friendly IPAs

An IPA beer next to a bowl of hops and barley
Source: Vinepair

As the cooler months approach and that fall chill has you throwing on a favorite sweater, hoppy and potent IPAs are a must. These flavorful craft beer varieties pack a punch, and there are thousands of unique IPAs with cool artwork, funny names and all kinds of ingredients that any beer connoisseur will enjoy. Try getting a bunch of different IPAs for Friendsgiving, but remember to offer a few lighter beer options as well.

Don’t Forget the White and Red

In addition to a selection of craft beer, make sure to stock up on red wine, white wine and rosé to cover all your bases. While classic reds and whites are great for Friendsgiving, rosé is a solid happy medium. Whatever you choose, it’s just not Friendsgiving without a wide selection of alcohol for your guests. Just make sure you’ve got a wine corkscrew and bottle opener.

Friendsgiving Food Ideas

Gooey Mac and Cheese in a pot
Source: Delish

Thanksgiving dinner is all about the feasting, but Friendsgiving is usually a little lighter, with a focus on socializing and drinking with friends. That might call for a simpler menu, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort food favorites.

If you want easy comfort food, go with some Instant Pot dishes like mac and cheese or chili. Also, consider making some quick finger foods like pretzel bites or mozzarella sticks—and definitely stock up on snacks. 


Be Sustainable

Sustainable bamboo dinnerware
Source: lovetoknow

Cut down on cleanup and go with environmentally friendly utensils, bowls and plates. Compostable silverware and plates save on paper and plastic waste while also limiting your after-Friendsgiving dishwashing. Plus, you can throw them in your compost pile when you’re done. It’s worth it to get fully sustainable supplies for Friendsgiving.

Have a Leftovers Strategy

Thanksgiving leftovers stored in plastic containers
Source: Draft Mag

Even with a limited Friendsgiving this year, it’s likely you’ll have some pretty serious leftovers. Just like turkey day, you’ll need to have storage options for leftovers. Simplify your leftover packing and storage with slider storage bags and a food storage set.

Be Prepared For the Cleanup

A messy table after a party
Source: Rings World

Despite the use of biodegradable plates, bowls and utensils, you’ll likely have quite a bit of cleanup, whether it’s scrubbing pans, filling garbage bags or counter cleanup. To make it easier, be sure to have plenty of dish soap like Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s, some heavy duty scrubbing sponges and trash bags so you can efficiently get the cleanup done before the food coma kicks in.

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