15 Fruity Cocktails Everyone Will Love

From tasting like vacation and a beach to just downright delicious, these fruity cocktails are exactly what you need in your cup.

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Do you cringe at the thought of sipping on a martini? Maybe you find an old fashioned a little too stiff for your liking? Or perhaps you simply want to enjoy a tropical fruity cocktail and imagine yourself on a beach somewhere catching some rays. Whatever your reasons are for straying from classic cocktails, we won’t judge you. In fact, we’ll help you out. You can get the alcohol and supplies you need to enjoy your fruity drink of choice delivered right to your door with Gopuff. 

Not sure which fruity cocktail to try out? Check out these drink recipes and get to enjoying the sweet and tangy cocktails that you won’t even taste the alcohol in. Tiny umbrella for garnish not required—but highly recommended. 

Fruity Rum Cocktails

From piña coladas to mojitos and daiquiris, rum is a staple base spirit in a lot of your go-to fruity cocktails. 

Mai Tai

Sit back, relax and let the tiki spirits take over with this quintessential tiki favorite. The key to this Insta-worthy fruity rum drink is to top it off with dark rum and then garnish with a tiny umbrella, obviously, and a sprig of mint. 

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Transport yourself to the streets of New Orleans with this iconic NOLA drink. No need to hop on a plane to experience the flavors of this cocktail. Don’t forget an orange slice and a cherry to garnish!

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Piña Colada 

What’s a list of fruity cocktails without the one that probably made you fall in love with sweet concoctions in the first place? Imbibe with this tropical oasis in a cup, or nix the alcohol and enjoy your piña colada as a non-alcoholic treat. Because you deserve it. 

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Blackberry Mojito

Forget what you know about traditional mojitos—blackberry mojitos will change how you see this cocktail. With muddled blackberries (or any fruit of your choosing), this tasty potion becomes even more refreshing and will have you forgetting there’s even any alcohol in it.

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Mango Daiquiri 

If you have a mango tree (or know someone who does), this is a great way to put that fruit to good use! Sipping on this mango cocktail will have you feeling like it’s a nutritious fruit smoothie, but with rum. Rum is nutritious, right?

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Fruity Tequila Cocktails

While rum drinks are the most prominent in the world of fruity cocktails, fruity tequila drinks are just as delicious. Even if you aren’t a fan of tequila, we suspect these recipes might change your mind. 

Strawberry Margarita

Traditional margaritas aren’t for everyone, but these strawberry ones? They are. The combination of sweet and sour makes this a great sunny day cocktail. Or rainy day one. OK, fine, it’s really great any day. 

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Tequila Sunrise

A drink so beautiful, you won’t want to drink it. But once you take that first sip, this fruity drink will go down smoothly. 

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Silver Breeze

If you’d like something a little more on the tart side of fruity drinks, look no further than this tequila drink. The combination of tart fruits with the sweetness of the lemonade makes the silver breeze a great daytime cocktail. It’s even perfect for parties, as it’s easy to make as a punch for everyone to sip on.

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Fruity Vodka Cocktails

As a base spirit, vodka is extremely versatile. It can be enjoyed alone in a martini, or you can swap it into your favorite fruity cocktail recipes. Vodka sunrise, anyone? Whether you want to try switching out another spirit for vodka, or simply want to make one of these fruity vodka drinks, we can get you your necessary supplies in just 30 minutes. 

Vodka Watermelon Drink

Watermelon punch is perfect to mix up and have ready for summertime picnics or brunch get-togethers. The combination of the watermelon and mint will have you feeling refreshed and hydrated—and have everyone begging for the recipe for this fruity vodka cocktail.

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Sex on the Beach

Nix the beach and save yourself from sand in some questionable places—just sip on this fruity cocktail instead. 

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Strawberry Lemonade Punch

Perfect for a boat ride or a picnic with friends, strawberry lemonade punch is an amazing sunny day cocktail. It’s super refreshing, and the lemonade masks the taste of the vodka, making this the ideal cocktail for anyone who isn’t a fan of spirit-forward drinks. 

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Fruity Gin Cocktails

Gin and juice are like peanut butter and jelly, so it’s only fitting we shake up some fruity drinks with this spirit. The herbal and pine notes of gin pair well with the sweetness of your favorite fruit juices. 

Singapore Sling 

Sparkling and crisp, this gin drink should definitely be served in a tiki cup. But if you don’t have one, a regular cup will do. 

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Strawberry Gin Smash

Forget mimosas, this strawberry cocktail is sure to be your new brunch favorite. It’s easy to mix up a large batch and keep glasses full throughout your brunch experience. Or while you’re binge-watching your latest Netflix show. Either way, it’s sure to be a smash.

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Other Types of Fruity Cocktails

If rum, tequila, vodka or gin aren’t options for you, try some of these other fruity cocktails. These drinks pack just as much of a punch as the others, so don’t let their aesthetic or names fool you. 

Fuzzy Navel

We get it, you aren’t likely to opt for the drink named after a belly button, but you’ll have to trust us when we say this one is delicious. The tropical flavors of peach and orange blend so well together that you won’t care what the drink is called—just as long as you can get another. 

White Sangria

Sangria is great because you can mix up the juices, liqueurs and wines to really make the recipe unique to your flavor preferences. Sip on this fruity white sangria, the perfect way to day-drink wine—not that you need an excuse to day-drink wine. 

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