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Popular Gamer Foods to Fuel Your Sessions

Find out the most popular foods gamers eat and drink, like Mountain Dew, energy drinks, and foods with high-intensity flavor to help stay energized while gaming

August 10, 2020

When it comes to the foods and snacks gamers prefer to eat while playing, opinions are…strong. Unsurprisingly. Gamers are passionate and particular people. Over the years, playing hours upon hours of Fortnite, Minecraft, Battlefield, Metal Gear, Halo and all the rest have required gamers to find food for snacking that was quick, easy and tasty.

Everybody knows that gamers live on skill and adventure, but what do they actually eat? What is the most popular gamer food for sustaining hours-long quests?

 When it comes to their games and their snacks, gamers like variety. High-intensity flavor and energy match high-intensity gamer life. Of course, a few foods and drinks seem to get the most love. If you are what you eat, then here are the foods that gamers’ bodies are made of, in no ranking order:

What do gamers eat and drink when playing video games?


A party size bag of nacho cheese Doritos

Believe it or not, there used to be two flavors: Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. Now there’s an empire of Doritos flavors to choose from. 

Mountain Dew

A 20-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew soda

The blast of caffeine and sugar have kept many a gamer going through the night, building their character in every way. Several flavors of Mountain Dew are available, keeping gamers thirsty for more.


A DiGiorno pepperoni pizza with traditional crust

It’s so ridiculously good, and it’s so easy to pop a frozen pizza into the oven. This will always be a go-to gamer food.

Pizza Rolls

A 15-count box of Totino's pepperoni pizza rolls

Pizza’s Mini-Me has been a gamer favorite since the bite-sized snack was born. It’s easy to store, easy to prepare and really easy to eat. Getting the temperature in the middle just right requires great dedication, making it one of the tastiest challenges any gamer will face.

Red Bull

A 4-pack of 8-ounce Red Bull energy drinks

The first energy drink designed as such, with its signature flavor and caffeine kick from guarana. Gamers noticed Red Bull right away as Mountain Dew 2.0, and Red Bull has since noticed the gaming community back by supporting and sponsoring professional gaming.

Monster Energy Drinks

A 4-pack of 16-ounce Monster Energy drinks, Green flavor

Taking energy drinks to the next level, Monster offers flavors similar to Red Bull and moves into Gatorade territory, as well as offering an array of coffee drinks. Major caffeine action keeps gamers sharp for extended RPG scenarios.

Gummy Bears

A bag of Haribo Gummi Bears candy

They’re chewy, fruity and easy to eat. And they’re clean! No crumbs or gummy bear dust to swab out of your keyboard. The sugar punch is there, too, of course. Try their cousins, the gummy worms and the gummy cola bottle. (It’s an interesting family).

Chicken Nuggets

A box of Banquet brand chicken nuggets

Who can’t eat a thousand chicken nuggets at a time? The crispy, breaded exterior. The soft, juicy interior. And the choose-your-own-dipping-sauce adventure never gets old. Sweet and sour. BBQ. Ranch. Honey mustard. Spicy mustard. Buffalo. Chipotle. Well, you get the idea. Skip the fast-food joint and make your own frozen nuggs. These are one of the perfect gamer comfort foods.


A grab bag of Cheeze-It crackers

Bite-sized cheesy bits that are easy to eat and they just taste good. They got the cheesy-salty-cracker combo just right. You’ll find that you’ve cleaned out half the box without realizing it.

Pro Tips:

Drink water! Downing liters of syrupy soda may seem like rehydrating, but your body has to use more water to process the sugar and sodium found in many soft drinks and energy drinks. An overload of sugar can slow your mental sharpness, which is the main computer you need running at optimal speeds to be your best on the battlefield.

Find healthy snacks instead of food and drinks loaded with carbs. Your food choices will impact your performance, especially during a long session. Go for a smoothie, hummus and corn chips, or some other healthy food. Gaming can be part of a healthy lifestyle, considering that for some people it is a form of self-care. 

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