Best Classic Manhattan Cocktail Recipe
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Best Classic Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Learn how to make a classic Manhattan cocktail

May 08, 2021

There are cocktails named after each of New York City’s five boroughs, but the Manhattan cocktail, without a doubt, is the most iconic. Amazingly, this cocktail, which socialites have enjoyed since the late 1800’s, looks and tastes pretty much the same as the one served today at any half-decent bar. It is a simple drink recipe that requires just a few ingredients—whether you use bourbon or rye whiskey is completely up to you. Mixing bourbon in this cocktail will make for a sweeter, more mellow taste—while using rye will give the drink a drier, spicier taste.

No matter how you decide to make yours, the Manhattan is an easy cocktail to make at home and is perfect to enjoy solo or to make for guests. Try our recipe below and get all the ingredients and tools you need from Gopuff.


  • Prep: 2 minutes

  • Total: 5 minutes

  • Serving: Makes 1 cocktail

H3: Ingredients


  1. Pool the ingredients together. Add the whiskey of your choice, sweet vermouth, both types of bitters and ice into a mixing glass

  2. Stir it up. Stir the mixture for 30 seconds until it’s chilled. 

  3. Strain. Place the strainer over the mixing glass and pour into a chilled coupe or cocktail glass.

  4. Garnish it. Add in one or two brandied cherries for a sweet kick.

  5. Enjoy. Put your feet up and indulge.

Even though the Manhattan is arguably the perfect cocktail, bartenders have still found ways to tweak the recipe and create their own versions. Next time, try splitting the vermouth between sweet and dry to make a perfect Manhattan cocktail. Or try making a Rob Roy, which is basically a Scotch Manhattan. If you need any ingredients, just order them from Gopuff for delivery in 30 minutes or less!

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