Gopuff Unveils the Most Popular Halloween Candy by State

Gopuff Analyzes 2020 Sales Data to Find Out Which Halloween Candies are the MOST Popular in Every State

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With fall just around the corner, everyone’s favorite candy-filled holiday is fast approaching! While we know Halloween will look a bit different this year, you can still enjoy your favorite candy and even have it delivered right to your door in minutes. Whether you’re trunk-or-treating, participating in neighborhood drive-by costume parties or celebrating virtually, Gopuff has your back with all your favorite Halloween treats—no tricks. 

In fact, we dug deep into Gopuff’s trick-or-treat bag of 2020 sales data, analyzing thousands of orders, to find out which candies are the most popular in every state for the spookiest holiday of the year.

To kick off the Halloween season, Gopuff will be delivering two bags of candy (200 pieces!!) for $30 starting Monday, September 21. To sweeten the deal, customers can expect new deals every couple of weeks throughout the Spooky Szn leading up to Halloween.

While kids may not be going door-to-door this year, all the candy they could want can now come to them through Non-Contact Delivery for a safe and candy-filled day! Can you guess what candy won in your state? See below for a full list of each state’s winner to find out!

A map of the favorite Halloweren candy in each state, with brand images overlayed on a US map

Candy Winners by State:

  1. Alabama – Twix Ghost 
  2. Alaska  – Twix
  3. Arizona – Warheads Worms 
  4. Arkansas – M&Ms
  5. California – Skittles
  6. Colorado – Whoppers 
  7. Connecticut – PayDay King Size 
  8. Delaware – Skittles Sweet Heat 
  9. District of Columbia – Baby Bottle Pop Popping Powder 
  10. Florida – Skittles Sour 
  11. Georgia – Sour Punch Blue Raspberry Straws
  12. Hawaii – Skittles
  13. Idaho – Candy Corn
  14. Illinois – Mars’ Chocolate Favorites & More
  15. Indiana – Chocolove Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
  16. Iowa – Caramel Lovers Assorted Chocolates
  17. Kansas – Caramel Lovers Assorted Chocolates
  18. Kentucky – Sour Punch Ragin Reds 
  19. Louisiana – Snickers
  20. Maine – Snickers
  21. Maryland – LaffyTaffy Banana Rope
  22. Massachusetts – Pop Rocks Strawberry Popping Candy
  23. Michigan – Hershey’s All Time Greats Snack Size
  24. Minnesota – Mars’ Chocolate Favorites
  25. Mississippi – Snickers
  26. Missouri – LaffyTaffy Strawberry
  27. Montana – Double Bubble
  28. Nebraska – Chocolove Strong Dark Chocolate
  29. Nevada – Candy Corn
  30. New Hampshire – Milky Way
  31. New Jersey – Jelly Belly Beans
  32. New Mexico – Wonka Very Berry Nerds Rope
  33. New York – Hi-Chew Grape
  34. North Carolina – Smashmallow Strawberries & Cream Marshmallows
  35. North Dakota – Candy Corn
  36. Ohio – Skittles Sweet Heat
  37. Oklahoma – Airheads Xtremes Rainbow Berry
  38. Oregon – Sour Punch Strawberry Straws
  39. Pennsylvania – Gushers Super Sour Berry 
  40. Rhode Island – M&M’s Almond Milk Chocolate Bar 
  41. South Carolina – Airheads Xtremes Rainbow Berry
  42. South Dakota – Starburst
  43. Tennessee – Smart Sweets Peach Rings 
  44. Texas – Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy 
  45. Utah – Twix
  46. Vermont – M&Ms
  47. Virginia – Sour Punch Rainbow Straws
  48. Washington – Junior Mints
  49. West Virginia – Chocolove Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Cups
  50. Wisconsin – M&M’s White Chocolate Share Size
  51. Wyoming – Saltwater Taffy

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