12 St. Patrick’s Day Drinks to Get You in the Irish Spirit

Try these Irish cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day. From green drinks to rainbow shooters, they’re almost as good as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

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Not sure what to drink on St. Patrick’s Day?

Just read this—you’ll be well on your way

to finding the answer,

the perfect elixir

for imbibing on this Irish holiday.

Though Saint Patrick—one of the patron saints of Ireland—wasn’t Irish himself, his namesake holiday has transformed into an all-out annual celebration of Irish culture. From limericks and leprechauns to rainbows and green drinks, there are many ways people choose to celebrate St. Paddy’s every March 17. One of the most popular ways? Raising a glass, of course.

Looking for some magical St. Patrick’s Day drinks that aren’t your typical green beer or Irish coffee? Think of this as your guide to the pot of gold at the end of the cocktail rainbow. 

Pot of Gold Mimosas

The Blue Curaçao mixed with the OJ gives this St. Patrick’s Day drink its green hue. So basically, these are mimosas, but with a little extra magic. 

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St. Patrick’s Day Martini

Sweet and citrusy, this electric green drink is easy to make and even easier to drink. Don’t forget the leprechaun dust around the rim.

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Shamrock Shakes

This Shamrock Shake is a boozy one;

if you add too much vodka, a woozy one. 

With its mint and ice cream,

this treat is a dream—

as St. Patrick’s Day drinks go, a doozy one.

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Irish Maid

What’s an Irish cocktail without Jameson? This drink is smooth and refreshing with just a dash of sweetness. 

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Irish Flag Shot 

Source: Delishably

This shot has a, well, unique combination of flavors—but it looks festive, and that’s what matters, right?

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Irish Margarita

How is this margarita Irish? 

Did you pluck a green shamrock and wish?

No, you say, just add whiskey

to make it more frisky 

and that’s how this margarita’s Irish. 

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Baby Guinness

If you’re looking for a St. Patrick’s Day drink with a little pick-me-up, go for a Baby Guinness. Made with coffee liqueur and Baileys, if poured right, it will look just like a mini version of the classic Irish beer.

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What kind of list of drinks for St. Patrick’s Day would be complete without good old Guinness? Enjoy this Irish stout on its own, or explore some Guinness combination drinks, like a half and half, which is half-Guinness and half-pale ale. 

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Rainbow Jell-O Shots

We can’t promise there’s gold at the end of these rainbows—or leprechauns, for that matter. But, these shots are pretty, and they taste just as good as they look. 

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Lucky Charms Shot

Magically delicious, and just for you,

as flavors of your childhood rendezvous.

Milk and sweet cereal;

this shot is ethereal—

a St. Patrick’s Day drink through and through. 

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Misty Mint

This cool green drink will have everyone asking what’s in your cup. Just tell them it’s the luck of the Irish.

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Luck of the Irish Shot

The perfect dessert shot for St. Patrick’s Day, this mint chocolate party treat will have you feeling lucky you got to enjoy its deliciousness. 

P.S. Don’t forget the chocolate mint garnish!

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Whether you’re celebrating at home, virtually or at a safe gathering with friends, these fun St. Patrick’s Day cocktails will help get everyone feeling magical this March. But, note: If you start seeing leprechauns, you might want to switch to water. 

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