Surprise Your Friends With This Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot Recipe

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First things first:  Dr. Pepper shots don’t actually contain this famous soda.

The soda itself includes 22 different flavors, but you can make Dr. Pepper shots with three simple ingredients. These flavors include hints of spice like nutmeg, cardamom, and all spice, fruity notes like cherry and orange, and sweet flavors like amaretto, cola, and licorice. Pharmacist Charles Alderton created the drink to replicate the sensory experience of the pharmacy where he first had the idea.

What gives this shooter a bubbly texture isn’t soda but beer. The spicy notes of the shot aren’t related to the soda, either, but from high-octane rum (that you burn off a bit). In short, this cocktail isn’t so much a Dr. Pepper mixed drink as it is a Dr. Pepper drink mix. It’s a perfect example of the kind of trickery we can play on our palates by combining ingredients that take on a completely different flavor profile. 

Before switching from history class to our bartending lecture, we’d like to offer a word about safety. Since this shot is flaming, we recommend creating it for the first time in a place where you have a fire extinguisher on hand.

How to make a Dr. Pepper Shot

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: None

Total time: 5 minutes

Servings: 1


  • ¾ ounce amaretto liqueur
  • ¼ ounce 151 proof rum (like Bacardi 151), also known as overproof rum
  • Light beer

Glassware and equipment: 

  • Shot glass
  • Pint glass
  • Torch-style lighter

Preparation instructions 

  1. Fill a shot glass most of the way with amaretto liqueur, leaving some space at the top. 

  2. Top of the amaretto liqueur with a ¼ ounce of 151-proof rum.

  3. Carefully place the shot glass into an empty pint glass and fill the pint glass with light beer, just until the beer comes to the shot glass’ rim. 

  4. Use a torch-style lighter to light the rum and then blow out the flame. 

  5. Drink all of the liquid in one chug. 

Recipe adapted from Drizly.

Brent Hofacker –

How to make a Dr. Pepper shot safely 

Whenever cooking or bartending with an open flame, it’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher on hand. Alcohol ignites quickly and intensely, so keep this in mind when lowering the lighter into the glass. We recommend using a torch-style one so that your hands never get too close to the flame. Finally, maintain a clean work surface to prevent any spilled alcohol from lighting on fire, which could cause a large-scale accident. If you’re having a very boozy get-together, you might want to assign a DL (that is, a “designated lighter”). Plus, it will help with your hangover to have a clean kitchen in the morning.

Other types of Dr. Pepper cocktails 

A Dr. Scola: If you’d rather not worry about flames in your kitchen, you can try a Dr. Scola. This Texan Dr. Pepper mixed drink pays homage to baseball player Luis Scola and the classic Argentinian drink “Fernet and Coke.” It combines orange zest, Dr. Pepper, Fernet-Branca, rum, and bitters into a complex cocktail that’s perfect for slow sipping. For complete instructions on making this drink, read more here. Don’t forget to garnish with sweet cherries. 

Rum and Dr. Pepper: One of the easiest drinks with Dr. Pepper to make, this cocktail is a simple mix of, you guessed it, rum and Dr. Pepper. If you’re wondering why rum, it’s because, like the soda, it’s sweet, spicy, and fruity, making it the perfect partner in crime.

viennetta14 –


Do Dr. Pepper shots contain soda? 

You won’t actually need any Dr. Pepper soda to make a shot by the same name. The drink gets its name because it tastes like the popular soft drink, not because it includes the soda. That said, you can read the previous section for ideas on how to make drinks that do contain Dr. Pepper soda. 

What is amaretto? 

A key flavor in both the shots and actual Dr. Pepper is amaretto, a sweet Italian spirit with notes of almond, apricot, and peach. It is often used in mixed drinks and is popular in coffee.

What is a bomb shot? 

A Dr. Pepper shot falls into this category of cocktail recipes where bartenders lodge a prepared shot (in a shot glass) into a larger glass and pour beer or a chaser around it. Also known as drop shots or “depth chargers,” these cocktails are meant for quick consumption. This method allows all the flavors to come together in one flavor explosion. Just be careful of your glassware as you let the shot glass fall against the pint glass.

Do all spirits catch fire? 

If you’re getting into high-stakes bartending, know that not all alcohol will catch fire. In fact, this recipe uses a high-proof rum because liquors need to have a high level of alcohol in order to light. Here’s a list of pretty much all drinks you can ignite, like tequila, vodka, and Everclear. Just remember, the alcohol you’re not trying to light on fire can also flare up, so keep a clean bar and work carefully. Cleanliness is helpful for any cocktails you’re making – even rum or whiskey
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