Trending on TikTok: Tea Bombs

Check out the latest trend blooming on TikTok: tea bombs. Read more on the blossoming trend and how you can recreate the latest TikTok drink yourself

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We’ve soaked our bodies in glittery bath bombs and indulged our taste buds with creamy hot chocolate bombs. Now, TikTok is dropping a new (and equally beautiful) bomb on us for 2021—and it’s filled with tea.

With almost 5 million views on the popular video app, #teabombs videos are popping up across TikTok feeds and sending people down mesmerizing scroll sessions as they watch these spheres blossom.

The edible glitter, food coloring and beautiful dried flowers slowly blooming in warm water add some needed pizzazz to your favorite cuppa. So, grab a cup of hot water and take a seat—we’re about to spill the tea on the latest TikTok drink trend making its way into cups everywhere. 

What’s a Tea Bomb?

Similar to the hot cocoa bombs that emerged on TikTok at the end of 2020, tea bombs are an aesthetically pleasing way to make a cup of tea. These bombs look like little crystal balls, telling you that there’s a sense of calmness in your future. They’re often translucent and shimmery, featuring a variety of fillings for some extra zhuzh. 

Simply put, though, they’re isomalt (a sugar substitute for baking decorations) spheres filled with loose or bagged tea. Glitter and edible flowers optional, but highly suggested. Teas made using a tea bomb will tend to be a little bit sweeter than your traditional cup of tea because of the isomalt shell, so if subtle sweetness isn’t your style, tea bombs may not be, well, your cup of tea. 

Make Your Own Tea Bombs

Unlike the Renegade dance, this TikTok trend is actually pretty easy to do yourself. 

Here’s what you’ll need to make a tea bomb:

  • Half-sphere molds
  • Isomalt
  • Sugar
  • Tea (Bagged or loose)

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Some optional items to make these extra video-worthy:

  • Edible flowers
  • Edible glitter
  • Food coloring 

Whether you love a strong black tea, a soothing chamomile or a nice cup of yerba mate, you can create your very own recipes to make this trend all your own. 

First, you’ll want to melt down the isomalt you’re using for your shell. Once it’s melted down, spoon a little bit into your mold, coating the sides completely. If you’re using any edible glitter, spread a little around your mold before you pour in the isomalt. Cover your mold completely, pour out the excess and let it set for about 20 minutes.

Next, fill one half of your sphere with your tea. Just pop a bag in there or fill it with your desired loose leaf tea. If you like your tea a little sweater, why not add some sweetener into the sphere as well?

To seal the sphere, leave the half holding the tea still in the mold, melt down a little bit of sugar in a pan and press the edge of the half-sphere into the sugar. Once you get some melted sugar on the edges press it down onto the half still in the mold. Press down for about 5 seconds as it seals together.

And voilà! You have your very own tea bomb. Now, don’t forget to snap some pictures and record your tea blossoming. 

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