7 Classy Cocktails for Your Zoom Party

Discover the best classic cocktails to pair with Zoom party ideas for quarantine birthdays and other celebrations

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Zoom parties may be the new normal, but they don’t have to be the new mundane. Whether you’re new to the Zoom party or a veteran Zoom party animal, there are lots of great ideas and tips for making your Zoom party fun and different. 

The Zoom happy hour has been around since way back when the COVID-19 pandemic started and shut offices, restaurants and bars down in March. But people have gone from  Zoom happy hour to Zoom weddings, birthday parties and all kinds of other virtual social events. 

Maybe you’re not ready for gathering in-person or your people are scattered around the country and virtual is the best option. Whatever your reasons, we have some theme ideas and a fun and classy cocktail recipe to feature at your party.

First, a few pro tips for planning your epic Zoom party, whether it’s a Zoom birthday party or a game night.

Create the guest list. It helps to know who’s attending when you’re choosing a theme. Are you hosting a party for your family? Colleagues from work? A certain group of friends?

Choose a theme. We’ve got a few ideas to share with you shortly. Plan and design your virtual party around that theme. Whether you use decorations or virtual backgrounds, create great ambiance and set the atmosphere.

Save the date. Be sure to give guests enough notice. New to Zoom? Here are instructions for inviting others to join your congress of coolness. 

Share the schedule of events with your guests. That way they know how to prepare. For example, share the classy cocktail recipes we’re about to share with you! Maybe hors d’oeuvres are from 6 to 7 and then everyone makes the same cocktails and shares their opinions. 

Then it’s party time!

1. Hamilton

Movie header for Hamilton the musical on Disney+
Source: Disney+

Whether you get into character and have a virtual watch party (watch here on Disney+) or you and your peeps just want to dress up as your favorite character from Hamilton the musical and do karaoke or play Hamilton trivia

Take your pick: Alexander Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Angelica Schuyler, Marquis de Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, King George or one of the many other amazing characters. Don’t throw away your shot to host a Zoom party that will leave your guests saying, “Awesome. Wow.”

Gif of a character from the play "Hamilton" saying "Awesome. Wow."

Complement your great costumes with fun and fancy cocktails!

Classy cocktail: Founder’s Fizz

Apparently, even Lin-Manuel Miranda didn’t get a taste of this lobby cocktail favorite until after his final performance. Let that be some consolation if you missed out on the hotter-than-hotcakes tickets to a live show. Get the Founder’s Fizz recipe

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2. The Roaring Twenties

 GIF of Josephine Baker dancing

You know: Jazz, flappers, Art Deco, Harlem, surrealism and Josephine Baker doing the Charleston. Get the gang together for a virtual rendition of a Great Gatsby cocktail party. It was a time of exuberance and excess alongside unprecedented economic growth and persistent inequity!

Remember, Prohibition is over! No Roaring Twenties party theme would be complete without the speakeasy. So we have a quintessential classic classy cocktail to jazz up your soiree.

Classy cocktail: French 75

Alt text: Photo of the French 75 cocktail in a champagne glass
Source: Liquor.com

A classy concoction that includes champagne and gin, the French 75 was a favorite among American expats in Paris like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, as well as those hanging out in the speakeasies back home. Get the French 75 recipe and show everyone that you know your onions about whipping up some darb giggle water. Just be responsible if you end up half-seas over.

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3. Pirates: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle o’ Rum!

A GIF of Captain Jack Sparrow saying, “But why is the rum gone?”

Get your eye patches, gaudy jewelry, bandana and flowing billowy shirt! Learn to speak pirate and get ready for a party, me hearties! Of course, you’ll need some Captain Morgan to go along with your Captain Jack Sparrow. Maybe you drink your rum straight from the bottle like a pirate. Or maybe you prefer your rum mixed into super delicious drinks. 

Well, you’re in luck, because here’s the Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and here’s a list of some great pirate-themed rum cocktails for your parrrrty. 

And here’s another list of pirate(ish) drinks from the International Talk Like a Pirate Day website. 

What you do with it is up to you. Regardless, please pirate responsibly! Check out one of our favorites below.

Classy cocktail: Grog

Legend has it that Grog wasn’t merely a tasty rum-based drink, but a way for sailors (and pirates) to make the rum last longer. And the lime juice supposedly helped fight scurvy. But it’s probably safe to say that the rum is responsible for the drink’s popularity. Get the Grog recipe.

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4. James Bond 007

The six actors who have played James Bond
Source: Pocket-lint

Okay, so maybe you’re not going to see the latest James Bond film anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up with your friends over Zoom and have a swank party with tuxedos and ball gowns and sample the many martinis now in existence.

Put the James Bond playlist on in the background. Just hang out in fun fancy clothes. Or watch any of the dozen previous James Bond movies—how many James Bond movies are there, anyway? With that much history, James Bond trivia will be nearly inexhaustible! 

Classy cocktail: Quarantini

In honor of both 007 and the extraordinary year 2020, the Quarantini seems like the perfect cocktail for the occasion. This very…long…occasion. Get the quarantini recipe.

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5. Trivia Night

Text image that says Trivia Night

Trivia night has always been a blast. Fortunately, it’s an activity that translated well to virtual environments and video conference platforms like Zoom even before the pandemic put the kibosh on in-person gatherings. And so the party continues.

Gather your gang on Zoom and choose a trivia theme. You can create your own trivia on TriviaMaker and go with the limited free version or get the full version for $19 a year. Or just go with the random trivia generator. (If you are somehow not in the mood for trivia, maybe some online board games sound fun.)

Establish clear rules like no using Google or any other sources of knowledge outside of your own head. If you’re hosting, you’ll likely be the moderator of trivia ceremonies. Here’s a guide on how to host online trivia like a pro.

Then you’ll want to decide if there will be prizes like swag, cash or sweet, sweet bragging rights. 

Your Zoom-enabled virtual trivia night will need a signature classy cocktail, and we have a recommendation.

Classy cocktail: Mexican Mule

A fun twist on the Moscow Mule, the Mexican Mule swaps out vodka for tequila. Next round, swap the vodka back in and see what you think!

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6. Murder Mystery Party

A mock crime scene with body outline and number tags marking clues
Source: Real Simple

The virtual murder mystery is another fun group activity that has provided tons of fun and social engagement in the age of social distancing. You can create and host your own murder mystery, use one that already exists on the internet or join one that’s facilitated by others. And you’ll find a range of prices. However, several free virtual murdery mystery games are available. It’s just a matter of choosing one that suits your group in terms of price and theme.

While you’re all working your Holmesian super sleuth logic, my dear Watson, you may want to enjoy a cocktail.

Classy cocktail: Death by Gin

This classy cocktail inspired by the remake of Murder on the Orient Express is the clear and obvious choice to accompany your virtual murder mystery party. It’s elementary, dear Watson.

Get the Death by Gin recipe.

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7. Virtual Sleepover or Slumber Party

That’s what a great virtual pajama party looks like! Choose activities like a spa night with face masks and mani-pedis, movies, dancing, talking, food and, of course, lots of delicious spiked hot chocolate. Include trivia, games and a great playlist to keep the party going into the night. 

Check out these great ideas for planning and hosting the complete virtual slumber party or sleepover. 

Classy cocktail: Naughty Spiked Hot Chocolate

Naughty hot chocolate served in a cocktail glass
Source: delish

Spiked hot chocolate goes with everything, especially a fun and comfy pajama party. Get the naughty hot chocolate recipe. Calm your FOMO and try these other spiked hot chocolate recipes, too.

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Whatever your virtual Zoom party looks like, make sure everyone has great snack mixes and other healthy late-night snacks on hand. 

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