2020 City Favorites: What Brand Does Your Hometown Love?

Each city has brands and products that are especially popular in the area. Here’s a selection of favorite brands from Gopuff’s top cities

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U.S. cities are all a little unique. Each has different weather, culture and (perhaps most heatedly) sports teams. Even the way we talk is a little different. “Devil strip,” “yinz,” “bubbler” and “wapatuli” might sound meaningless, but in some parts of the country, they each have a very specific definition. 

FYI, a “devil strip” is what they call the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street in Akron, Ohio. “Yinz” is slang for “y’all” or “you guys” in Pittsburgh. A “bubbler” is a water fountain in parts of New England. “Wapatuli” is slang for a party punch in Wisconsin.

We’ve seen differences in the brands people love across the U.S. as well. 

In 2020, Gopuff sold products from nearly 3,000 different brands. We went through all of the purchases in some of our top markets to identify the 2020 City Favorites–the brands that are uniquely popular in each city

Here’s what snacks, drinks, home essentials and beauty products stood out across the country. 

Some cities go for salty snacks: 

Dallas loves Cheetos

Be careful when shaking hands with anyone from Dallas, because there’s a good chance they’ll have Cheeto dust on their fingers. The city has a long history with the brand. Cheetos were actually invented in 1948 in the Frito Company’s test kitchen in Dallas, and they remain extremely popular to this day.

Austin loves Act II

Texas’ state capital is a movie town. As Austin is home to SXSW and the Austin Film Festival, it’s no surprise that Act II popcorn is a favorite among area residents. They may say Keep Austin Weird, but we don’t think there’s anything weird about some popcorn and a movie. 

Cincinnati loves Snyder’s

The ‘Nati (as it’s known locally) is sister cities with Munich, Germany, the birthplace of the pretzel. Cincinnatians seem to be honoring this sisterhood by eating a lot of Snyder’s products. (Snyder’s Honey Mustard Pretzel Pieces and Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces are definitely not authentically German, but they are authentically delicious).

Boston loves Tostitos

Fun Fact: The Tostitos logo features 2 friends sharing a tortilla chip. Another fun fact: Tostitos are especially popular in Boston. A third fun fact: Tostitos Scoops are the perfect vessel for enjoying Bean Dip while in Beantown. 

Baltimore loves David

The Baltimore area is famous for its blue crabs and Old Bay. However, sunflower seeds belong right up there with Charm City’s most popular foods, and David is the brand of choice. Just ask the Orioles mascot—he’ll tell you (or tweet you?).

Some cities have a sweet tooth:

Tallahassee loves Toll House

Most of us love chocolate chip cookies. Many of us are also guilty of eating chocolate chip cookie dough without actually baking it. Fortunately, Toll House now makes edible cookie dough (in addition to the kind that’s meant to be baked). Residents of Tallahassee are well aware of this. They buy Toll House products at a higher rate than shoppers in any other city.

Providence loves Dunkaroos

For many, the return of Dunkaroos this summer has been the highlight of an otherwise frustrating year. This is especially true in Providence, Rhode Island, where customers are excited to buy the throwback snack themselves (rather than beg their mom to buy the dunkable treat, like back in the 90s).

Columbus loves Cow Tales

Around the turn of the 20th century, Columbus was known as “Cowtown” due to the largest cattle farm in the world being in the area. Over 100 years later, the city is home to about 900,000 people who are still living up to the Cowtown nickname (for different reasons). Cow Tales caramels are especially popular among Buckeyes in the area. 

Houston loves SweeTARTS

Everything is bigger in Texas, and so is their collective sweet (and sour) tooth. People in Houston have a unique affinity for SweeTARTS. In fact, if all the SweeTARTS Ropes purchased by Gopuff customers in Houston this year were placed end to end, the resulting ultimate rope would be nearly a mile long! 

Some cities need home essentials: 

Charlotte loves Seventh Generation

Charlotte is known as the “Queen City,” and based on our data, it seems area residents keep their homes tidy enough for royalty. They purchase a disproportionate share of Seventh Generation products, including soap, paper towels, laundry detergent and other home essentials.

Washington, D.C. loves Party Dimensions

When people talk about parties in Washington, D.C., they’re usually referencing political parties, but Washingtonians also like parties of the non-political variety. They shop for Party Dimensions party supplies (including big plastic cups) more than any other city. 

Atlanta loves Dove

Atlanta (a.k.a. Hotlanta) is, well, hot. The humid southern summers mean this city really lives up to its nickname. But customers in Atlanta always look their best, as Dove personal care products (including deodorant, soap and body wash) are more popular in the ATL than in other cities. 

Some cities need to quench their thirst:

Chicago loves Gatorade

While Glacier Freeze sounds like a way to describe the frigid winters in Chicago, Gatorade Glacier Freeze is a favorite among residents of the Windy City. In fact, Gopuff customers in Chicago drank so much Gatorade in 2020 that if all the bottles purchased were stacked on top of each other, it would be 50 times higher than the Willis Tower. 

San Antonio loves Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper was first developed way back in 1885 in Waco, Texas. The drink was so tied to the city that early Dr. Pepper fans would reportedly order a “Waco” at soda fountains. 135 years later the brand has found a following in another Texas city: San Antonio. 

Minneapolis loves Organic Valley

While the Upper Midwest is known for its bone-chilling winters, this season is less bone-chilling for those who build strong bones by drinking lots of milk. Maybe that’s why Organic Valley dairy products are so popular in the area. When a Minneapolitan is asked “got Milk?” the answer is mostly likely “you betcha.”

Portland loves Oatly

While those in Minneapolis love cow’s milk, those in Portland, Oregon go for Oatly brand oat milk. This should come as no surprise, as Rose City usually tops the lists of the most vegan-friendly cities in the country. 

Some cities need an energy boost: 

Philadelphia loves La Colombe

La Colombe was founded in Philadelphia in 1994. In its 26-year history, it’s become one of the hottest (or coldest, if you like cold brew) coffee brands across the country.

However, La Colombe remains especially popular in its hometown, the City of Brotherly La Colombe Love. In fact, Gopuff customers purchased nearly enough La Colombe coffee this year to give every resident of the city a cup. 

Phoenix loves Monster Energy

Phoenicians have a unique affinity for Monster Energy drinks, giving them the extra energy they need on those 120-degree days in the summer. They say it’s a dry heat, but 120 degrees is 120 degrees.

Indianapolis loves Mountain Dew

Indianapolis is known as Naptown, but residents of the area don’t seem to be napping. Instead, Indianapolitans stay awake and Do the Dew more than any other city. 

Richmond loves Guayaki Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a South American holly plant that, when brewed, becomes a high-energy drink. Just ask the people of Richmond: Guayaki Yerba Mate is especially popular there. 

And finally, some cities need quick meals: 

Denver loves Cup Noodles

Most of us remember learning the boiling point of water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, but that’s not true in the Mile-High City. In Denver, the lower atmospheric pressure means water boils at just 202 degrees, a fact Denverites remember as they boil water for Cup Noodles, their favorite quick meal. 

Pittsburgh loves Stouffer’s

Mr. Rogers, Pittsburgh’s native son, taught us that “there’s only one person in the world exactly like you.” In Pittsburgh, this sort of feel-good energy translates to brand preferences, too. Feel-good favorites like Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese and Stouffer’s White Meat Chicken Pot Pie are especially popular in the Steel City. 

Seattle loves Amy’s

In addition to its drizzly weather and love of coffee, Seattle is also known for being an organic-friendly metropolis. This applies to frozen meals, to: Amy’s organic frozen meals are a favorite of Emerald City residents. 

Tucson loves Red Baron

Tucson is red hot. Temperatures in the summer regularly exceed 100 degrees. Despite these piping hot conditions outside, Tucsonians still reach for piping hot pizza (hopefully while in A/C), and Red Baron is a favorite in the area.

Gopuff operates in over 500 different cities across the country and always strives for a product selection that reflects the unique local flavors and preferences of each of our cities. 

While these are just a few examples of how different cities are loyal to different brands, we’re always expanding our selection of products and actively working with local brands to deliver even more regional favorites. Keep an eye on your Gopuff app for new brands and products popular in your hometown and we’ll keep an eye out for what’s hot in 2021! 

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