We’re Here For You: At-Home COVID-19 Tests Available on Gopuff

Order Rapid COVID-19 Tests to Your Door in Minutes With Non-Contact Delivery

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Gopuff is committed to being there for our customers when they need us most through our speedy delivery and unmatched product assortment. As we continue through the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Gopuff healthcare team has been working for months to ensure access to rapid COVID tests for our customers, including On/Go, Abbott BinaxNow, and others. 

Part of the power of Gopuff’s platform is our ability to scale inventory up or down quickly, and get products in customers’ hands fast. Leveraging order data, market trends, external research, and more, we localize and adjust inventory based on what our customers need. In the past six months, we saw weekly searches for “COVID-19 tests” increase more than 200% – we took this data, listened to our customers’ needs, and started sourcing even more rapid COVID-19 test kits ahead of the holidays and winter months. 

As a result of our team’s quick and diligent work, people across the U.S. have access to multiple at-home COVID-19 rapid test kits for delivery in minutes. Without having to leave the comfort of their home, Gopuff customers can order a COVID-19 test (competitively priced at $23.99) alongside related items, like cold and flu medicine, hydrating beverages, vitamins — even chicken noodle soup – and have everything in hand in minutes. Additionally, upon check-out, customers can check a box for “Non-contact Delivery,” and their delivery partner will leave the order at their door. 

Since scaling COVID-19 test kit inventory, COVID-19 test kit sales have been growing on average more than 300% week over week on Gopuff, with the majority (53%) of customers adding test kits as the first item in their shopping carts, and the vast majority (87%) proactively searching for COVID-19 test kits on Gopuff, indicating these are priority, high-intent purchases. With people eager for at-home COVID test kits, Gopuff also has a “Notify Me” feature, which will keep customers informed on when new inventory hits the app. 

Gopuff is constantly finding ways to deliver for our customers, and we are proud to be providing people across the country with one of the fastest, safest ways to access COVID-19 tests. We’re here for you!

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