Gopuff’s New Look

After eight years, we’re updating our branding to better reflect the role Gopuff plays in our customers’ lives today

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Over the past eight years since Gopuff got its start, a lot has changed—and we’re not just talking about cultural moments (2013 was the year of Vine, the Harlem Shake and “What Did the Fox Say”). While we began personally delivering a few hundred products, Gopuff’s geographic coverage, customer demographics and product offerings have evolved and grown substantially over the years. 

Today, Gopuff delivers to customers in 650+ cities and offers a wide variety of product categories including Local Favorites, Baby, Pets and much more. In the past year alone, we added over 500 new local products and launched new Better For You and Beauty categories as well as Curated Mystery Boxes. At the same time, our customer base has evolved and expanded, as we see more parents and pet owners turning to Gopuff for their immediate, everyday needs.

Customers have come to know Gopuff as a brand synonymous with unmatched speed and selection. This is a powerful combination that enables us to instantly deliver our customers relief and delight in a way that no other brand can. As we continue on our journey to become the world’s go-to solution for everyday needs, we recognize that our branding needs to reflect our evolved identity. And today, we’re excited to share that we’ve refreshed our branding to align with who and where we are now!

Our goal in developing this refreshed visual identity is to ensure our branding reflects the larger role Gopuff plays in our customers’ lives today–delivering everything from baby and pet products to over-the-counter medications, COVID-19 test kits, wine and everything in between–while maintaining the personality and playfulness our customers have come to love about Gopuff. It also creates a platform for our future expansion across countries and generations of new customers.

Gopuff’s new visual identity features a clean but playful combination of color, type, photography and tone of voice that celebrates our unique ability to make magic out of the everyday and transform common transactions into experiences. Looking ahead, this work creates a platform for our future expansion across countries, verticals, and generations of new customers. 

You’ll first see the new look reflected in our app, homepage, bags, social and digital communications. Check out the new look on your phone’s home screen today, and stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks. This is just the beginning!

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