How Does Non-Contact Delivery Work With Gopuff?

Discover easy steps to ordering non-contact delivery and help Gopuff stop the spread of COVID-19

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The health and well-being of Gopuff’s customers, driver-partners, employees and community have always been our priority. To further ensure everyone’s safety, we’ve made it easier than ever to use non-contact delivery. Non-contact delivery, or contactless delivery, simply means your Gopuff order will be left at your doorstep or other agreed upon location to minimize contact with our driver-partners. 

Gopuff customers have always been able to request an order drop-off in the delivery instructions, but as part of our COVID-19 response, we’ve made non-contact delivery the default option for all orders.

Non-contact delivery compliments Gopuff’s business model, which already eliminates the middleman for both our customers and driver-partners. Your groceries, drinks, cleaning supplies and over-the-counter meds are delivered to you from our centrally located facilities.

Non-Contact Delivery With Gopuff: Step-by-Step

1. Make An Order As Usual 

Start your order as usual. Just browse the Gopuff app or website and add the items you’d like delivered to your bag. Make sure to check out our Special Offers section.

2. Choose Non-Contact Delivery Option 

Make sure the “Non-Contact Delivery” box on the checkout page has a tick and provide additional instructions for your driver-partner—for example, to leave your order with a front desk, by the flowerpot, to ring your doorbell, etc. Just make sure the spot is safe and dry. 

3. Follow Our New ID Verification Protocol (If You Want to Order Tobacco or Alcohol Delivery)  

Please note that orders containing products that require ID verification, such as alcohol and tobacco, are not eligible for non-contact delivery. The good news is that we’ve implemented a new procedure to scan IDs from a distance.

Screenshot of the Non-Contact Delivery option in the Gopuff app

4. Add Your Credit Card 

As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve temporarily removed the cash payment option. Payment should be made through the Gopuff website or app, since our driver-partner will not be interacting with you directly to take payment. You can save your credit card for further purchases. We also accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Venmo.

Your Order Is On The Way

Collect Your Goodies 

Our driver-partner will call you upon arrival to confirm where the order should be left and to let you know the delivery is ready for pickup at your chosen location. Even if you do not answer this phone call, the driver-partner will leave your order in the location you requested.

Enjoy Yourself!

Now you’ve got everything you need to make a quick lunch, deep-clean your whole apartment or enjoy a book and a glass of wine.

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