Map Snapshot: Gopuff Trends Across the US

With so many locations in so many places, Gopuff sees some interesting trends state-by-state. Here’s a few of our favorites

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Gopuff operates over 200 facilities in 39 states and those numbers are growing. While customers all across the country turn to Gopuff to satisfy their instant needs, with so many locations in so many places, we see some interesting trends state-by-state. Here’s a few of our favorites: 

1. Customers in Southern States are Sweet but Have a Sour Tooth

Candy is among the most popular categories on Gopuff, and with nearly 200 to choose from, we sell something for everyone, no matter whether you have a sweet tooth or a sour tooth (we may have made up the term “sour tooth”). 

Our data uncovers some regional preferences in candy, with many southern states showing more of a preference for sour candy. In particular, shoppers in Alabama really love sour candies and turn to Gopuff for their favorite Sour Punch Straws and sour Trolli varieties. Customers in a few Great Lakes states and Maine also prefer sour candy to sweet candy.

For the record, we think all of our customers are sweet, even if they prefer sour candy.

A map of the US showing what states prefer ordering sweet vs. sour candy on Gopuff

2. Arkansans are Especially Tidy 

In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers were flocking to Gopuff to purchase hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies at a time when it wasn’t available elsewhere. Many customers continue to come to us for home & cleaning products like disinfecting wipes and Glad Trash Bags.

In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic, we sold enough hand sanitizer for the ENTIRE population of Arkansas to sanitize their hands over three times. 

Speaking of Arkansas, customers there are especially clean. They buy home and cleaning supplies at a higher rate than any other state. 
Now that being a germaphobe is in, in addition to Arkansans, customers in Maine, New Hampshire, Washington D.C., New Mexico, and Tennessee should be proud to say they order more cleaning products than the rest of the country.

A map of the US showing what states order the most home cleaning products on Gopuff

3. Night Owls Live in the West 

Gopuff is open late in all markets (and is open 24/7 in many). While we satisfy late-night cravings across the country, some states take us up on it more than others, especially in the West. In Washington State, more than one in three orders are placed after midnight. (We’re happy to deliver but we’re hoping they’re at least getting some sleep!)

We don’t see quite as many late night orders on the East Coast, but we’re open and ready for whatever our customers need. Whether you’re a busy professional working late, a parent who ran out of diapers at 2am, or just in need of a midnight (or 3am) snack, Gopuff can save the day. 

A map of the US showing what states order the most after midnight on Gopuff

4. Chilly New England Screams for Ice Cream

All across the country, Gopuff customers LOVE ice cream. In fact, ice cream is ordered by Gopuff customers every 5 seconds. (We’re not sure how many servings that is, we eat our Ben & Jerry’s right from the pint, but we do know it adds up to 2.5 million pounds of frozen goodness so far this year). 

While ice cream is popular everywhere, some places REALLY love it. States in New England buy more ice cream than the rest of the country. We’re not sure if the cold weather makes them immune to brain freezes or if it makes them tough enough to handle them, but more than two in three customers in the area have purchased the frozen treat from Gopuff.  

Ice cream is also especially popular in Wisconsin (looks like America’s Dairyland is really living up to its name) and Utah.

A map of the US showing what states order the most ice cream on Gopuff

5. Washingtonians, Iowans, and Mainers are Making Sure They Get Their Vitamin D

“Ice Cream” is the top search term on Gopuff (like we said, our customers really love ice cream), but the second most popular search term varies by state. 

Some states go for the junk food, searching for “Chips” or “Candy”, while many others search for “Water” (especially early in the COVID-19 pandemic). 

Interestingly, folks in Washington, Iowa, and Maine must have strong bones – after “Ice Cream” they most often search for “Milk”.

Fortunately, we carry 60 milk products to choose from including oat milk, almond milk, protein-fortified milk varieties (among others) in addition to cow’s milk. We also sell strawberry and chocolate milk for parents to give their kids (and for those who are kids at heart).

A map of the US showing what states search the most on Gopuff

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