Happy 8th Birthday, Gopuff!
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Happy 8th Birthday, Gopuff!

Celebrate Gopuff’s Birthday with an Exclusive Birthday Flavor from Jeni’s Ice Cream and a Chance at a Year’s Supply of Gopuff

November 17, 2021

Today, November 17, Gopuff celebrates its 8th birthday! Since Gopuff was founded in 2013, we’ve been busy expanding across the U.S. – and internationally to the UK – fulfilling millions of orders, partnering with local brands and bringing the instant needs economy – and immediate delivery – to people all over. 

To commemorate our birthday, we’re taking a look back over the years to share some fun facts and details we’re pretty proud of. Have a read to check them out and see how else we’re celebrating this year, and how you can join us.

Since Gopuff’s launch in 2013, we’ve sold millions of pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. 

Gopuff didn’t even carry ice cream till 2015, and just six years later, we’ve sold enough ice cream that when stacked up is taller than the Seattle Space Needle – 4,280 times over.

In the last 8 years, Gopuff users have consumed over 3.3 million cups of coffee.

Coffee is the fuel of the people, so it’s no wonder that we’ve sold enough to serve all the residents of Miami, 7 times over. That’s a lot of coffee, but we’re here for it. 

Gopuff has helped run over 11.6 million loads of laundry.

That’s enough for the entire city of Philadelphia to run a load everyday for a week! Gopuff is here to help our customers reach their everyday needs, and helping our customers washing their dirty socks is no different.

If you lined up all the Slim Jim’s Gopuff has delivered, it would tower over the Empire State building, 1,100 times over.

We know we just launched in New York City last month, so we’re sorry to dunk on you so hard.

Gopuff has delivered over 760,000 gallons of White Claw Hard Seltzer.

That’s enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool, and have enough leftover to have a party. You know what they say, “Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws, baby.” 

If every Gopuff user were to hold hands across the country, they’d reach all the way from New York City to Los Angeles (and halfway back!).

Our customers are everything to us, so ​​we’re celebrating our birthday by celebrating you — the people who made Gopuff what it is today. If you place an order today, November 17, on Gopuff, you’ll have a chance to win a year’s supply of Gopuff! Plus, in select markets, customers can try Jeni’s Ice Cream’s exclusive flavor for Gopuff’s birthday, Buttercream Birthday Cake!

Thank you to everyone who has made Gopuff what it is today. We’re beyond excited to celebrate eight years of instant delivery, and look forward to continuing to bring the Gopuff magic to even more people.

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