From Gatorade to Sorbet, Here’s What Gopuff Customers Ate All Summer

Enjoy these Summer Snacking Trends from Gopuff

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As we’re winding down from a scorching summer, we couldn’t help but wonder, what did people eat all season? More specifically, which cities were snacking well and which indulged in sweet treats? 

Leveraging data from Gopuff’s “Better For You” category, which features healthier food, snack and vitamin options, along with nontoxic home, bath and body products, we looked into what people across the country ordered this summer. What we found might surprise you:

The Midwest and Sun Belt Ranked Highest for Better For You Purchases

Of the top 10 metros that over-indexed on ordering from Gopuff’s Better For You category this past summer, more than half were in the Midwest or Sun Belt, including: Ann Arbor, Mich.; Chicago; Milwaukee; Madison, Wis.; Birmingham, Ala.; and Austin, Texas.

In nine out of 10 metros, Horizon Organic Milk was the top ordered product – Milwaukee was the only outlier with Arizona Mixed Fruit Snacks taking the top spot. Harvest Snaps Lightly Salted Green Pea Crisps and not one, but two different types of Pedialyte also ranked high across all markets.

When we zoom out to look at all orders on Gopuff nationwide, V8 Splash Tropical Blend Juice, Arizona Mixed Fruit Snacks, Silk Vanilla Almond Milk, and Talenti Dairy Free Sorbetto (Alphonso Mango and Roman Raspberry flavors, to be exact) rank in the top 10 products purchased from our Better For You category.  

Good Choices Were Purposeful 

When we looked into how customers found these products on Gopuff, most specifically sought them out by searching for them. When we looked into search data, we saw specific brand and product searches — such as coconut water, Halo Top, kombucha, Pedialyte and SmartSweets — and attributes — like vegan — indicating customers had some level of priority or interest for these “better for you” products. 

Additional top search terms included:

  • Almond milk
  • Cheese
  • Fruit
  • Hummus
  • Water

While We Ate Healthy, We Also Indulged

We couldn’t help but look at what else people were adding to their shopping carts when they were purchasing these “better for you” items, and even though many Gopuff customers were making “better for you” choices throughout the summer, many were adding some indulgents as well. 

The top products most frequently purchased along with “better for you” products included Slim Jim Original Giant Smoked Meat Sticks, Nerds Rainbow Rope Candy, Gatorade (Cool Blue and Frost Glacier Freeze flavors in particular), Haribo Goldbears Gummi Bears and Sprite. Gushers and Andy Capp’s Hot Fries were also quite popular. 

When we looked into the sequence order items were added to shopping carts, we were surprised to learn many customers (about 35%) added these healthier products into their shopping carts at the end of their journey, as one of – or the – last products added to their cart before checking out. 

Couple this with the fact that most people were purchasing these items between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m. local time — prime snacking time — and it could be that many people were adding these healthier options to their carts not to live out hot girl summer, but to simply feel better about their guilty pleasure purchases. 

Whether it’s a scorcher in July or a chilly day in November, one thing is for sure: Gopuff has whatever you need, healthy snack or not, and so much more. Start browsing now:

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