Announcing goPuff’s Local Partners in Miami

From Azucar Ice Cream to OMG Brigadeiros, goPuff is in Miami to deliver local favorites

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Passionate about connecting with and supporting each of the communities in which we work and deliver, Gopuff partners with brands across the U.S. to deliver their locally loved products to customers’ doors in minutes—all while helping local businesses keep doors open during a challenging time.

Since launching our first Miami micro-fulfillment center in 2019, Gopuff has spent the last year growing delivery zones by opening four additional micro-fulfillment centers, launching partnerships with two local brands and engaging with the community in Miami neighborhoods, including donating thousands of KN95 masks and care packages filled with everyday essentials to local hospitals. 

From Chicago to Portland to St. Louis, local products are quickly becoming customers’ go-to choices on Gopuff. Read about our local Miami partners below and reach out to us at if you’re interested in having your own product(s) made available on Gopuff!

Miami Sweets

OMG Brigadeiros

OH MY GOSH! Brigadeiros is the first Brigadeiro boutique in Florida. It all started in 2015 with two brothers and their mission to bring Brigadeiro to the U.S. along with a unique and innovative twist on the traditional dessert. This Brazilian dessert, made of condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate sprinkles, is now available for delivery in Miami with goPuff. Order here.


Founded in 2011 and set in the heart of Little Havana. Azucar Ice Cream took Miami by storm. This artisanal ice cream and sorbet boutique, inspired by south florida’s diverse cultures, hot subtropical climate, and passion for sabor latino, created their ice cream confections using quality ingredients, locally sourced; just like abuela used to make! Order here.

Pamela Wasabi Bakery

Author, poet, radio host, transformational-coach, mother, and entrepreneur Pamela Wasabi has a major passion for eating, integrative nutrition, eastern philosophy, and plant-based food artistry. With her passions, Wasabi founded her self-named bakery, bringing holistic, better-for-you treats to the Miami community. Her vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, artisanal treats are made with wholesome, organic and exotic ingredients, and a lot of love. Order here.

Aubi & Ramsa

Sorry, this local partnership is for 21+ only! Aubi & Ramsa is churning liqueur infused ice creams and sorbets, supplying an indulgent and adult experience. With a dedication to crafting an exquisite, adult confection, Aubi & Ramsa are taking classic pairings like champagne & strawberries and Irish cream & fudgy brownies, and turning them into decadent desserts. Order here.

Better-For-You Miami

Skinny Latina

Known as Miami’s Hottest Chef, Ana Quincoces is a former real estate lawyer turned celebrity chef, food entrepreneur, cookbook author, and social influencer. She created the Skinny Latina brand, a popular line of Latin-inspired cooking sauces and marinades, filled with the Cuban flavors and culture she loves. This all-natural, gluten-free line of sauces and marinades are made for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, adding Skinny Latina to your recipes will transform any dish into a star! Order here.


In 2017, a native-Austrailian turned Miami-local missed his fresh, farmers market Tempeh from back home. Deciding to fill the void, BeCultured Tempeh was born; completely soy-free, 100% organic, whole bean tempeh, produced weekly. Partnering with his father-in-law, the BeCultured family was born, cranking out delicious fluffy, mushroomy, fermented goodness for local Miami farmers markets. Now, BeCultured Tempeh is available for instant delivery with goPuff. Order here.

Della Bowls

Started out of a food truck in 2015, Della Bowls has served hundreds of thousands of customers in Miami. This plant-based, gluten-free, peanut-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free brand focuses on nutrient-dense, sustainably sourced ingredients that are organic, and even local when possible. Each product is packed full of better-for-you goodness to bring some brightness to your day. Order here.


Conceived in 2017, founders Nick Moezidis and Rebecca Storer had the epiphany of, “why don’t we freeze kombucha?” and BoochPops was born. These refreshing and restorative frozen kombucha pops are made with real fruit and natural ingredients, and have no gluten, no dairy, and low sugars, serving as a healthier alternative to traditional sugary frozen treats. With a recipe that took several years to perfect, the natural probiotics, minerals, and enzymes of these tasty treats are sure to elevate your dessert game. Order here.

Greenthumb Popcorn

Are you looking for a better-for-you snack that your whole body will crave? Made with quality ingredients and minimally processed, this spicy, savory, crunchy popcorn is astonishingly delicious and nutritious. Enjoy this organic, vegan, gluten free, kosher, non-GMO treat now available from goPuff. Order here.

Miami Drinks & Coffee


The Kamsa Indians of the Colombian Amazon, began using probiotics and adaptogens to create water infusions probably 500 years ago. Today, Kasma founder and Columbian-native Nicolas is paying homage to his community, adding modern-day flavors, and using the best ingredients available. The result is an amazing USDA Organic probiotic drink with no sugar and 0 calories per bottle. Order these vegan, gluten-free, caffeine-free, kosher drinks here.

Radiate Kombucha

In 2016, Susan Cartigila opened Radiate Apothecary, where the kombucha aspect of the business took on a life of its own. Radiate Kombucha is an organic naturally effervescent fermented tea rich in powerful probiotics and digestive enzymes, made with wild yeast, locally-sourced ingredients, potent superfoods, and acts as a wonderful aid in daily digestion and whole body healing. Order this ethically sourced, small batch, locally-made and probiotic-rich superfood here.

Mother Kombucha

Mother Kombucha is here to change the game; by utilizing solar power and clean energy to reduce their carbon footprint, and sending all spent teas and cultures from our brewing process to local community gardens to be composted, Mother Kombucha is a refreshing take on corporate responsibility. With recycled packaging and organic, single origin teas, Mother Kombucha believes that things that are good for you should also be good for the planet. Order here.

Panther Coffee

Panther Coffee founders Leticia and Joel Pollock have over 30 years of combined experience in the coffee industry. After visiting Miami, the couple quickly realized that although there was an abundance of Cuban-style coffee shops, the specialty coffee scene was otherwise nonexistent. In 2010, the two started Panther Coffee and began roasting and developing their wholesale program in Miami.

Shortly after, they opened their first coffee shop in the Wynwood neighborhood—and the public quickly embraced it. Panther Coffee’s mission is to source, roast and prepare the finest coffees in the world, creating a transaction that is mutually beneficial for all participants. Now customers in Miami can enjoy this local staple from home by having select varieties of Panther Coffee delivered through Gopuff. Order here

Miami Foods

El Latino Foods

El Latino is an award-winning, Miami-based ethnic specialty food brand that revives the nostalgic feelings of the flavors Latin American and Caribbean consumers enjoyed while growing up. Since 2020, their team has worked tirelessly to make sure their customers can always find El Latino’s products easily and satisfy their desire to share special moments with friends and family.

El Latino carries products with regional subspecialties like arepas, tequeños and empanadas. Now, customers in the Miami area can get El Latino’s products delivered to their door with Gopuff. Order here.

Jennifer’s Homemade

In 2005, single-mom Jennifer decided to take her passion for baking and start Jennifer’s Homemade. Her breadsticks and flatbread are made from scratch with high-quality, natural ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, and fresh herbs. Everything is always vegan, non-GMO and all natural. Order here

Want to know who we’ve partnered with in your city? Click here for more on our nationwide partnerships.

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