Gopuff and Baby2Baby Distribute 100,000 COVID Tests to Families in Need

Free At-Home Tests Will Help Make Testing Easier and More Accessible for Children and Families in Los Angeles

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When we started Gopuff 8 years ago, we knew we wanted to grow this company and brand in a way that matched our values. Family, community, and supporting access to those in need have always been at our core. 

While we have seen the sale of COVID-19 test kits from Gopuff in January up as high as 10,000% since December 15th, 2021, access to tests continues to be a barrier for many. Without reliable access to tests, too many parents and kids have been unable to return to work and school.  

That is why we are so pleased to share that today, Gopuff donated 100,000 covid tests to Baby2Baby to support kids and families who otherwise struggle to get access to affordable and reliable COVID testing. Baby2Baby is an incredible nonprofit organization at the forefront of COVID-19 relief by providing essentials to children living in poverty. We are so grateful for their partnership to distribute these tests, along with groceries, diapers, hygiene items, and more to vulnerable children and families who need them the most. 

We designed Gopuff to be ready and able to be there for people in an instant, when they need us most. For COVID, our approach was three-fold:

  1. Move Faster Than Everyone Else. Gopuff was the first instant needs company to provide delivery of COVID test kids.
  2. Use Our Search Data To Predict Trends & Ramp Supply. When the Omicron variant began to emerge, Gopuff saw customer searches for COVID test kits skyrocket. Leveraging internal and external data, we knew we needed to re-stock significantly in time for the holidays, and executed a number of deals to ensure Gopuff could consistently meet this customer demand. In fact, we got our first big shipment right around Thanksgiving and have been adding more inventory on an ongoing basis.
  3. No Price Gouging. Ever. Since launching the sale of COVID tests on our platform, the tests we sell have been competitively priced at $23.99. No matter how high demand surged, we held prices steady so that our customers knew they could rely on us. 

But we always want to see this company go farther by using the power of this business to create meaningful impact in the communities we serve. Equal access to COVID-19 testing is critically important, and we are so proud to do our part to help children and families in need today. 

And we are not stopping here. We are continuing to challenge our team to do even more, because we know when you put the power of this business behind causes like this, Gopuff really can deliver everyday magic to everyone. 

– Rafael Ilishayev & Yakir Gola 

To learn more about the company’s recent community giving efforts, click here

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