Roc Nation And goPuff Provide 200,000 Meals For Communities In Need

We’re committed to supporting organizations that are helping communities and families in need.

Roc Nation and goPuff are proud to partner, providing 200K meals to Feeding America and local food banks.

Roc Nation and company partners believe that all human beings have the right to nutritious food and the right to be free from hunger. During these unprecedented times, Roc Nation is committed to helping those critical organizations that are protecting these rights by assisting communities and families in need.

The donations of over 150,000 food products, by AriZona Beverages, Ayoba, Manhattan Milk, Power Up Premium Trail Mix, WW and additional corporate supporters, will fuel the food banks with high quality gourmet and plant based proteins, nutritious snacks, healthy beverages, milk, and more to people in need. 

Food banks across the US have experienced unprecedented demand as a result of the devastating impacts of COVID-19, and many vulnerable families and newly unemployed individuals are turning to their local food banks for support.  The collaboration among Roc Nation and its corporate partners helps to address the increasing and surging demands.

For more information about Feeding America and how you can help go to 

*$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.



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