What is goPuff?

Convenience delivery. Think: anything you’re craving, just ran out of, or need in the last-minute – if you can find it in your local convenience store, we can deliver it to you.

What is goPuff?

Convenience delivery. Think: anything you’re craving, just ran out of, or need in the last-minute – we can deliver it to you.

I want to order! Where do I find goPuff?

In the App Store in your iOS or Android device. Or on the good ol’ Internet at www.gopuff.com.

How does goPuff work?

Download the app on your iOS or Android device, or order on the web. Create your account, add your items to your cart, checkout with a credit card, and boom. Your order will be at your door in less time than it takes to finish the next episode of whichever show you’re binging.

What makes goPuff different?

Listen, there's a lotta people doing delivery out there. What the other guys don't do is bring the store right to your door. Or do it without a middle-man involved. When you order goPuff, your stuff comes straight from our house to your house - no stop at the store or tedious pick-up involved. 

Where does goPuff deliver?

Probably wherever you are. We're currently delivering in 100+ cities and growing every month. Check if we're in your city on our homepage at www.gopuff.com

What if you don’t deliver in my city?

We’re probably coming to your city! Tweet us @gopuff where you’d like us to launch next, and chances are, we will.

How late are you open?

As late as you’re up. We’re 24/7 in most of our cities, and open all day until 4:30AM in our freshly-launched markets (the new guys gotta earn their 24/7 stripes). Pop your address into our home page to see how late we’re open in your city.

How much does goPuff cost?

Balling on a budget is an art. Our delivery fee is only $1.95 every time, and we never use surge pricing (yes, you read that right). 

My order was cancelled but I still see a charge on my credit card statement. What gives, goPuff?

Orders processed with a credit card will be posted within 3 to 5 biz days so you should expect a full refund by that time.

Why should I swipe right?

We’re the ultimate boo: we’ll bring you ice cream at 2AM, always come when you call, plus, parents love us.

What if my question wasn’t answered here or I have a problem with my order?

Whatever the question, we’ve got you! If you ever experience any trouble with your order or have a question, contact Customer Service Hotline at 855-400-PUFF or support@gopuff.com. We don't sleep so you can and are available 24/7 to help out.