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Gopuff Rolls Out Series Of Investments For The U.S. Delivery Partner Experience

The Company Introduces New Partnerships to Address Delivery Partners Feedback to Support Delivery on the App

March 01, 2022

At Gopuff, we are constantly listening to feedback from delivery partners on ways we can help improve their experience delivering on the app. We rely on this invaluable input to help us understand what is working and what isn’t. 

Over 80% of delivery partners that deliver with Gopuff tell us they want to remain independent. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want changes to help make the delivery experience better. Delivery partners have told us they also want additional perks and additional savings for the things they need most while on the road. 

We recognize the pandemic changed the way people approach work, with more people than ever citing the need for flexible work opportunities that fit around their lives. In a recent survey, nearly 50% of delivery partners told us they had never worked in the gig economy prior to partnering with Gopuff during the pandemic. 

We also know our business model makes Gopuff unique in the delivery space and it’s among the reasons partners have said they choose to only deliver on our platform. Nearly 60% of those saying they choose to only deliver with Gopuff because of the ease of the experience; they like having one pick-up spot and delivering in a specific geographical area. They also don’t have to share their vehicle with other riders or have to deal with restaurants or convenience stores, and they can choose to deliver on-demand or during a delivery block. 

There are a lot of choices for independent work. Gopuff has been working hard to listen to what delivery partners say matters most to them so that we can help make sure they are getting what they need while they earn. 

That’s why today we are announcing a series of investments Gopuff is making to help address some of the most common feedback delivery partners say they face as independent workers.

Launching Stripe, with Fast and Easy Payments

Last year, U.S. delivery partners delivering on the app earned more than $220 million including tips. Delivery partners frequently tell us that they want a fast, easier automated system to help track what they’re earning on the app. We are excited to launch this updated payment tool that will help ensure payments are more efficient and has the capabilities for delivery partners to get paid up to one day earlier (depending on their financial institution). 

We have begun testing Stripe with delivery partners in select markets and will be rolling it out to all delivery partners by the end of spring. With Stripe, we will introduce instant pay later this year so partners have the option to get paid instantly, instead of weekly.

Discounts Designed with Delivery Partners in Mind

With this feedback, Gopuff partnered with several companies to offer delivery partners discounts on fuel, grocery, insurance, and vehicle maintenance, as well as access to tax services and mileage tracking tools. Over the next several weeks, U.S. delivery partners will be able to sign up for the following perks:

  • Cash back on gas, groceries, and at restaurants: With the GetUpside app, delivery partners can earn cash back at more than 45,000 businesses. In addition, Gopuff delivery partners will receive at least 35¢ per gallon cash back on their next two fill-ups and a 10% cash back bonus on their next two restaurant or grocery transactions.

  • Vehicle maintenance discounts: We have partnered with Openbay to offer Gopuff delivery partners free, exclusive access to Openbay+, a great way to get upfront pricing and book automotive service near you. Delivery partners receive up to 25% off retail auto service prices with Openbay’s nationwide network of high-quality automotive service professionals—including major, national brands like AAMCO, Goodyear, Grease Monkey, Meineke, Pep Boys, and Tuffy. To learn more, click here.

  • Tax services: Gopuff is partnering with Block Advisors, part of H&R Block® to offer delivery partners up to $35 credit towards services to file taxes with certified tax professionals or 20% off tools for self-filing.

  • Mileage tracking & tax deductions: We’ve partnered with Stride to provide delivery partners access to Stride’s expense & mileage tracking app to help them discover & track tax deductions, estimate tax withholdings, and find ways that could lower their tax bill and keep more of their earnings. Moreover, when delivery partners sign up for a Stride account, they can access 50% off on their TurboTax self-employed federal filing. To learn more, click here

Investing in Delivery Partner Support Channels

We are constantly working to enhance our delivery partner support channels and strive to bring a best-in-class customer experience as part of that effort. Over the last several months we have more than quadrupled the size of our support teams to help provide a quick response to questions and issues for partners. 

We are also investing in a new in-app chat feature and live phone support so delivery partners will be able to ask for support-related questions and get responses in real-time when they need it. We will be rolling out these enhancements this year.

Gopuff is deeply committed to working to enhance and invest in the delivery partner experience based on direct feedback from delivery partners, and this is just the beginning.

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